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Mounts are a crucial part of traveling in Final Fantasy XIV. Without them, you’re left walking everywhere, which is extremely slow and tiring.

Thankfully, you only have to be level 20 to unlock your first mount. From there, you can unlock flying, which opens a whole new world in Eorzea.

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To unlock your first mount in FFXIV, you need to reach the Grand Company MSQ. After you choose a Grand Company, there will be an option for “My Little Chocobo” as a blue quest available at your Grand Company that begins the quest to unlock a Chocobo.

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How to Get Your First Mount – My Little Chocobo

To unlock any other mount, you need to get the Chocobo because getting it also unlocks the ability to use mounts.

But you won’t see a Final Fantasy fan complaining about getting their own Chocobo.

Join a Grand Company

The first step in getting an FFXIV mount is reaching the GC MSQ. The name of this quest varies depending on the Grand Company you choose.

Grand Company Quest

  • For Coin and Country (Immortal Flames)
  • Wood’s Will Be Done (Twin Adder)
  • Till Sea Swallows All (Maelstrom)

The only prerequisite is to be level 20, so if you’re not there yet, keep going in your MSQ until you are asked to choose a Grand Company. This will unlock the Chocobo quest (do not spend the seals you get from the quest yet).

“My Little Chocobo” Quest 

To accept the “My Little Chocobo” quest, you must head to your Grand Company.

Once you accept it, talk to the Quartermaster at the Grand Company and purchase Chocobo Issuance from him. It costs 200 Grand Company Seals, which you should have gotten as a reward for the previous MSQ.

If you have already spent them, do a few FATEs or daily leveling to get 200 Seals and buy the Chocobo Issuance.

Name and Love Your Chocobo

After you purchase the issuance, you must give it to Chocobokeep at the city of your Grand Company.

Then, you are free to name your Chocobo and use the whistle in your inventory (this is how you will use each mount for the first time.

After you use it once, you can summon your mount anytime by accessing your mount menu or adding it to your hotbar.

Optional: Upgrade with “My Feisty Little Chocobo”

At level 30, you can continue the Chocobo questline via “My Feisty Little Chocobo.” This simple quest starts in South Shroud, regardless of your Grand Company.

Once you complete it, you have the option to allow your Chocobo to fight with you and level it up.

You also get a Chocobo Saddlebag, which has 70 storage slots that you can use to store almost anything.

The last quest in this line is called “Bird in Hand” and should be available directly after “My Feisty Little Chocobo.” It unlocks the stables, which allow you to give your bird buffs and change its color.

Optional: Fly with Your Mount

To unlock flying in FFIXV, you must complete A Realm Reborn’s MSQ. This will only unlock flying in general.

To unlock it in each area, you must attune to the aether currents in said area. You can track these in the Aether Currents menu. 

Ways to Get New Mounts in FFXIV

If you’re interested in unlocking new mounts other than the Chocobo, you will have to work hard for most of them.

The harder they are to get, the more exclusive, so feel proud for earning them. Remember that this will not cover every method but the majority of them.

Buy Them In-Game

Buying them may sound like an easy way out, but in order to purchase mounts, you have to earn currency.

You can buy mounts on the Marketboard with Gil. But if you prefer a more unique method, you can get exclusive mounts at the Gold Saucer, the Firmament, Island Sanctuary, and more.


Achievements are a good way to unlock new mounts that are rare.

For example, the two-seater mount Astrope is only owned by less than 1% of players. You can get it by completing 2000 duties as a mentor. 

Random Trial Drops 

Most high-end trials will grant you a mount. But the mounts are typically left in the box at the end, which leaves it up to fate as to who gets it.

Farming extreme trials, you can get unicorns, birds, wolves, and more. Even if you don’t get them randomly during trials, you can save up the currency you get from the trial and buy them from specific vendors.


Main Scenario Quest mounts are the easiest to get. All you have to do is play.

There are multiple mounts unlocked this way per expansion for a total of 15 mounts you can get just by playing through the main story.

Beast Tribes

Beast tribe quests can unlock around 20 different mounts. They are not a quick way to collect mounts due to the daily beast tribe quest limit.

These will take you weeks, or even months, each. So it is quite an accomplishment. Around 25% of players, on average, have each of these mounts.

Mog Station

The Mog Station is the Final Fantasy online store where you can buy glam, emotes, and more.

One of the things you can purchase on the Mog Station with real money is mounts.

Promotional Events

Promotional events include outside sources partnering with Square Enix to offer extremely exclusive mounts.

For example, Butterfingers offered a Chocorpokkur promotion a few years ago that less than 10% of players took advantage of.

This is a fun way to get mounts that will likely never be offered again. For a similar experience, check out the seasonal events, which occasionally award mounts.

In-Game Parties

In-game parties are venues you can attend to dance, socialize, and enter giveaways. Some giveaways are free while others require a gil entry fee.

To find venues hosting mount giveaways, head to Party Finder and click on the Other tab. 

Now that you know how to get a mount in FFXIV, nothing can stop you from becoming the ultimate mount collector.

Enjoy your freedom as you fly your mount across every region with your favorite mount by your side. 

If we missed anything in this guide, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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