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Private Chambers are the cheapest housing option in FFXIV. It’s the most popular method because of this and the high number of rooms available.

Do you want to demolish a Private Chamber in the game but don’t know how? Find out how to do so below.

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To demolish Private Chambers in FFXIV, go to your Estate Settings, then click on Private Chambers, followed by “Vacate Chambers”. You must remove all furniture from your room and storeroom before you may vacate your chambers.

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What Is a Private Chamber?

Private Chambers are rooms in FFXIV that Free Company members can buy. You must be a member to buy one.

To buy a room, find the door that says “Entrance to Private Chambers,” and then choose “Purchase Private Chambers”.

You can choose to make the room private or public to allow others to visit. It works just like a house when it comes to decorating; there is no exterior or outdoor area.

Why Demolish Private Chambers?

The main reason players demolish private chambers is because you can’t leave the Free Company until you do.

But some players may also demolish private chambers because they don’t want the room as they are moving their furniture to a house.

How to Demolish Private Chambers in FFXIV

To demolish Private Chambers, go to your Free Company and find the door labeled “Entrance to Private Chambers”.

Interact with that door and enter your room. Remove all of the furniture from your room and storeroom.

Then, go to Estate Settings under Housing (under Social) and click on “Private Chambers.” This pops up options, which include “Vacate Chambers”.

Private Chambers – Before You Demolish

There is some info about private chambers that’s good to know before you demolish them. Some may help you make the decision.

Requirements for Private Chambers

  • Cost – 300,000 gil
  • Class – level 50
  • GC Rank – Second Lieutenant

Apartment Vs. Private Chambers

Apartments and Private Chambers are very similar. Private Chambers cost 300,000 gil while apartments cost 500,000.

That is the biggest difference. However, you cannot get kicked out of an apartment like you can by a Free Company leader in private chambers.

The furniture number is still 100; you can TP to either, and the size is the same. So, making the decision can be difficult. That’s why it is handy to have both if you have the gil.

What Happens to Storeroom if You Demolish Private Chambers

You cannot demolish Private Chambers unless you remove all of the furniture from the floor and storeroom.

If someone kicks you from the Free Company, your furniture disappears and is sent to a caretaker.

The Residential Caretaker NPC is in the residential district with the other NPCs that sell goods. Talk to them within 35 days to retrieve your items.

Note that this is not the same as the items you place in the Free Company house, only the items you place in your Private Chambers.

Will Private Chambers Auto-Demolish?

Unlike other housing in FFXIV, Private Chambers do not demolish on their own. They are permanent unless you or a FC leader demolish the room.

So you can leave for years, and unless someone kicked you from the FC, you will still have the private chambers.

Now you know how to demolish private chambers in FFXIV.

What’s your reason for demolishing your FC room? Let me know in the comments!

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