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Fantasia is a character-changing drink in FFXIV. It allows you to fully customize your character each time you drink one.

Changing your appearance in MMOs to the extent that you do in FFXIV is uncommon. But it’s one of the reasons fans of FFXIV are so die-hard. Your character is an extension of yourself.

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To use a Fantasia in FFXIV, buy one, open your mail, and then consume it in your inventory. Log out and change your appearance just like you did the first time you made your character.

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How to Use Fantasia in Final Fantasy XIV

After you get a Fantasia, you can re-customize your character. This allows you to change everything about your appearance. Don’t worry; it does not change anything except your appearance.

Open Mail

After you buy a Fantasia, you can receive it by checking your mail. This can take several hours and requires you to go to a mailbox in-game.

Mailboxes are all over FFXIV, but there are always Moogle Mail stations in major cities. You can spot them by looking for “Delivery Moogle” on your map.

Use It (Optional – Take Off Armor)

Use the Fantasia in your inventory, and you will be directed to log out. Before you do this, it’s recommended to head to an inn room.

Take off all of your armor and then log out. If you do this, it makes logging back on easier and allows you to see yourself without anything blocking your view.

There are known glitches related to having armor on for the wrong race/gender.

Change Appearance

Once you log out, log back in, and you will be prompted to change your appearance. The screen will look just like it did the first time you made your character.

You are able to change your race, gender, voice, and everything else. Small things you take for granted, like tail-shape, can only be changed with Fantasias. 

Once you are happy with all of your settings, confirm them and log back in. The game will be exactly the same, only you will look different.

When Not to Use a Fantasia

You can change almost everything except race and gender for free.

Changing clothes is easy and can be done outright or by turning the clothing into glamour.

To change your hair and markings, you must unlock the Aesthetician.

You can do this by completing the level 15 quest Beauty is Only Scalp Deep in Limsa Lominsa.

How to Get Fantasia

There are a few ways to get Fantasia in FFXIV. One of them is free, one is available at any time, and one is limited.


The MogStation has Fantasia available at any time. You have the option to buy 1, 3, or 5 at a time with a discount for buying more.

These go on sale quite often, so make sure you check back on a regular basis if you want to stock up.

The Ultimate Weapon

The only way to get a free Fantasia is by completing the A Realm Reborn quest, “The Ultimate Weapon.” This is the last quest in A Realm Reborn.

Upon completion, you get a free Fantasia. Because this is the only way to get a free one, it’s important to use it wisely.

New Expansions

A good time to get a Fantasia is when a new expansion comes out and introduces a new race or gender.

There is generally at least one option to get an edition, usually a Collector’s, that comes with a Fantasia. They do this so everyone gets a chance to be the new race/gender without buying a Fantasia from the MogStation.

How to Use Retainer Fantasia

Retainer Fantasia is a unique item in the game. It allows you to change the appearance of your retainer.

You can buy these on the marketboard or get lucky by receiving one in a Venture Coffer from a quick exploration.

Now you know how to use a fantasia in FFXIV.

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