FFXIV – When Do You Get Your First Mount?

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Mounts are an amazing way to speed up your travel time in FFXIV. Once you can fly in FFXIV, things go even faster.

But before you can unlock your favorite mount, you have to unlock the ability to use mounts.

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You can get your first mount in FFXIV when you reach level 20. To unlock your first mount in the game, you need to reach level 20, complete The Company You Keep quest, join a GC, and then do the My Little Chocobo quest.

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When Do You Get A Mount In Final Fantasy XIV? 

You get a mount during a FFXIV side quest you’re led to by the main story quest. Before you can get a mount, you have to go through the steps to reach that quest.

Reach Level 20

You must be level 20 to get a mount in FFXIV. If you’re having trouble leveling up, consider doing leves, dailies, and catching up with your class quest.

Always ensure you are caught up on your main story quest first, and then check out other leveling methods.

Accept The Company You Keep

There is an MSQ called The Company You Keep. It’s a level 20 quest that is part of your main story.

Once you are introduced to the Grandy Companies of Eorzea, you know you’re close. During this quest, you have to choose which Grand Company to join.

Your choice does not matter and can be changed later. So it’s okay if you’re unsure; just read their descriptions and choose your favorite.

Grand Company Quest

  • Wood’s Will Be Done
  • Till Sea Swallows All
  • For Coin and Country.

Next, you’ll have to do your first Grand Company quest. The above names are the quest names depending on your GC.

So you only have to do one of them, and they are super easy. Once you complete the quest, you’re officially part of that Grand Company.

Make sure you keep the Company Seals you get from this quest. You need them to get a mount.

My Little Chocobo

The quest that unlocks your first mount is called My Little Chocobo. Once you join a Grand Company, it unlocks and can be tracked by clicking on the quest in the top left of the screen.

Purchase Chocobo Issuance

Once you start the quest, you’ll have to visit the Grand Company Quartermaster to buy the X Chocobo Issuance (X is the company title, ex. Storm). 

If you spend your seals, you can get more by doing hunts. But hopefully, you still have the seals you got from your quest.


Once you get the issuance, you have to give it to the Chocobokeep near your Grand Company. He is marked by a Chocobo on the map.

Talk to the Chocobokeep, and he’ll let you name your Chocobo and give you a whistle. You have to talk to him three times to do everything you need to.

Use Whistle

To summon your Chocobo to ride for the first time, you must use the Whistle. Open your inventory and find the Chocobo-shaped whistle.

Use it by right-clicking and clicking “Use.” Then, you will summon the Chocobo, which auto-mounts.

Summon Again

To summon it again or dismount it for the first time, go to Mount Guide. It’s a good idea to put your Chocobo on your hot bar for easy summoning.

Note that a Chocobo mount is not the same as a Chocobo companion. To get your Chocobo to fight with you (companion), you must do the next Chocobo quest.

Can You Use Mounts Without Getting a Chocobo?

No. The Chocobo quest unlocks the ability to use mounts.

So even if you unlock mounts or buy them beforehand, you can’t use them until you finish the Chocobo quest.

Now you know how to get a mount in Final Fantasy XIV!

Did you ever use the Chocobo rental system before you got a mount? Let me know in the comments!

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