FFXIV – What Is a Cross Hotbar?

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Final Fantasy XIV offers an array of settings for the hotbar.

The options allow you to customize your user interface and make it work for you. One of these settings is the cross hotbar.

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The cross hotbar is a setting in FFXIV that allows you to access more actions by holding down one button prior to the action button.

You can access the cross hotbar by clicking on Character Configuration, then going to Hotbar settings, where you find Cross.

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What is a Cross Hotbar in Final Fantasy XIV

A cross hotbar is a gamepad feature in FFXIV. It works for PlayStation players and those who use a controller on PC.

The default setup of the UI for cross hotbar is a near-identical layout of a controller. This makes it intuitive to use.

You can edit the hotbar by opening your Player ability screen or by opening HUD Layout, which allows you to change where the hotbar is located.

It is also a good way to add more hotbars to your HUD.

How to Enable Cross Hotbar in FFXIV

The cross hotbar is enabled automatically if you use a gamepad.

But if something goes wrong, it’s possible to manually activate it through the following steps:

  1. Character Configuration
  2. Hotbar
  3. Cross
  4. Enable Cross Hotbar

How Does Cross Hotbar Work?

The cross hotbar works by allowing you to have and use more buttons on your user interface.

By holding one button and pressing the hotbar button, you can use alternate abilities/actions.

The first button you press is called the activator. But you can change the setting to make the activator a toggle rather than a hold-down action.

The toggle option works well if you have your hotbars organized into different types of actions. But holding down works best in most situations, given how fast-paced FFXIV is.

Expanded Cross Hotbar

The expanded cross hotbar gives you more control over which button does what. Head to Character – Hotbar – Custom to get started.

From there, click on “Enable expanded controls.” Now, you can further customize your cross hotbar.

This is the best way to choose whether LT or RT controls each hotbar. There is also an option for doubletapping.

Custom Cross Hotbar

The best way to find out the perfect cross hotbar for you in FFXIV is to experiment. Everyone has different settings.

So, try an easy trial with expanded controls enabled, then one without. Try switching around the hotbar locations or trying one game with toggle on rather than hold.

Cross Hotbar for PC

There is no “cross hotbar” for PC in FFXIV, but the default setup is similar. The default settings allow you to hold down one key and click the hotbar for an alternate action.

You can create layers of hotbars with this setup. For example, you have the basic hotbar, then another layer with Ctrl, another with Shift, and another with Tab.

Hold one of the keys, then click the appropriate number to get a new action. This allows you to assign hotkeys (or combos) to dozens of abilities, making your life in FFXIV so much easier.

Now you know what a cross hotbar is in FFXIV?

Have you found any strange settings that made you say, “Today I learned”? Let me know in the comments!

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