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Bait is the way to catch fish in Final Fantasy XIV. After you unlock Fisher, you must purchase bait to begin fishing.

Don’t have any and want to go fishing? In this guide, we explain where you can buy different bait for fishing in the game.

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The best place to buy bait in FFXIV is the Merchant and Mender, Junkmonger, or Marketboard, as they have the widest selection. There are dozens of these merchants in the game, ensuring there is always one nearby.

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Where to Buy Bait in Final Fantasy XIV

Bait is available at dozens of places in FFXIV. There are just under 100 baits and tackles in the game, each with a unique purpose.

The bait ranges from level 1 to 90 in terms of the recommended Fisher level too. So this makes for a complex way to get the right fish for new Fishers.

Here is an overview of where you can buy bait and which type they sell.

Types of Bait Merchants

There is no “Bait Merchant” or “Bait Shop” in FFXIV. The bait is spread out across the map with different types of merchants.


General merchants in FFXIV often have bait. The exact bait they have varies, and there usually aren’t many options.

Merchant and Mender 

Every Merchant and Mender has at least one bait. The vendor must either be called Merchant and Mender or have it as their title.

There are 50 Merchant and Menders in FFXIV, spread out across the realms. Like other merchants, they appear as a moneybag on the map.


There are two types of Junkmongers in FFXIV. The first has a shared inventory and are located in residential districts.

The other is unique, with around 30 locations, each having a different set of items and bait.

Tool Supplier

The Tool Supplier and Mender, as well as named Tool Suppliers, offer unique fishing bait. There aren’t many of these, but they are worth visiting.

If you have trouble finding these merchants, check the market district in major cities. They will be the same merchants as the Fieldcraft Supplier.


The marketboard has a unique section for bait. These are sellable baits people earn or craft, as crafting is one of the best ways to get high-end bait.

Scrip Exchange

The Scrip Exchange has bait available at every stage. They are under the “Misc” or “Material” sections.

Spoils Collector

You can purchase Pirate Spoils from Enie with Skybuilders’ Scrips to gain access to a new store called Spoils Collector in the Residential Districts and the Pillars.

The store has rare bait available in a small selection. However, you are able to buy stacks of 33 and 99 with one coin.

Unique Bait Merchants

  • Emptier of Purses – The Churning Mists (28.4,34.1)
  • Repository Node – Azys Lla (9.9,11.5)
  • Blue Merchant – The Ruby Sea (27.9,17.0)
  • Tribe Merchant – The Fringes (30.6,25.9)
  • Oroniri Merchant – The Azim Steppe (23.4,21.9)
  • Peddler of Wonders – The Sea of Clouds (9.5,33.0)
  • Blessed Merchant – The Fringes (27.0,19.8)
  • Bureau Provisioner – The Tempest (21.7,26.3)

These merchants have unique names and no titles. This makes them easy to pass by without realizing they are merchants.

Now you know where to buy bait in FFXIV.

What is your proudest catch as a fisher in FFXIV? Let me know in the comments!

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