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Pill Bugs are one of the many bait options in Final Fantasy XIV. They are rolly pollies that fishers use to catch a variety of La Noscean fish.

So, where can you get your hands on some of this great bait?

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You can buy Pill Bugs from Fieldcraft Suppliers in FFXIV. The easiest access NPC is Syneyhil in Limsa Liminsa Lower Decks. Alternatively, you can buy them from the marketboard, but they are much more expensive that way.

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Where to Get Pill Bugs in Final Fantasy XIV

The Fisher class quest in FFXIV, Bigger Fish to Fry (level 5), asks you to buy some Pill Bug bait and use it to catch three herring.

At this time, you don’t even know how to fish, let alone find the right type of bait, equip it, and use it to catch the appropriate fish.


For the Bigger Fish to Fry quest, you should talk to the Fieldcraft Supplier in Limsa Lominsa. His name is Syneyhil, and he is located around 6-12 on the Lower Decks.

Other NPCs with Pill Bugs are in the following locations:

  • Admiranda – Old Gridania (14.5, 10)
  • Evrardoux – The Pillars (6.5, 9.5)
  • Junkmonger – Empyreum (10.2, 10.5)
  • Junkmonger – The Lavender Beds (11.7, 8.4)
  • Junkmonger – Mist (10.8, 11.7)
  • Junkmonger – Shirogane (9.7, 10.1)
  • Junkmonger – The Goblet (10.9, 8.9)
  • Merchant & Mender – Middle La Noscea (25.5, 17.3)
  • Shichiho – Kugane (12.7, 12.2)
  • Syneyhil – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (6.3, 11.9)
  • Vernarth – The Crystarium (9.3, 14.4)
  • Yoyobasa – Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (14.2, 11.2)

The Beast of Brewer’s Beacon

The Beast of Brewer’s Beacon is a side quest that grants you 99 Pill Bugs. It is only available after you complete the level 50 Fisher quest.

So, if you want the Pill Bugs for the early Fisher quest, this is not the way. But if you are trying to stack them up later on, it’s an easy way to do so.

Completing it also unlocks the The Ambitious Angler title. To find it, complete the level 50 Fisher quest, then head to Limsa.


Most of the time, the easiest way to get Pill Bugs is via the Marketboard. You can get stacks of them for a small amount of gil.

The exact amount varies, but expect to pay somewhere between 50 and 500 gil each. This is much more expensive than buying from an NPC, but it works if you’re feeling lazy.

How to Use Pill Bugs

Equipping bait is not explained well in FFXIV. To do so, you must have Fisher equipped, so take out your rod.

You also must have Pill Bugs in your inventory. Then, use the “Choose Bait” ability on your hotbar, which looks like a tackle box.

This lets you choose one of the baits you have in your inventory. The Pill Bug is easy to spot from there.

What Can Pill Bugs Catch?

Here is a complete overview of what you can catch using Pill Bugs as bait in FFXIV.

FishLocationUsed InRecommended Level
Merlthor GobyLimsa and La NosceaPrint (Small Angler’s Canvas)LevequestSupply and Provision3
Coral ButterflyLimsa and La NosceaPrint (Small Angler’s Canvas) LevequestFish Glue9
Tiger CodLa NosceaPrint (Small Angler’s Canvas) LevequestSalt Cod15
Malm KelpLimsaPrint (Small Angler’s Canvas) LevequestOriental BreakfastOriental Tea Set4
Lominsan AnchovyLimsa, La Noscea, ThanalanPrint (Small Angler’s Canvas) Fish MealLevequest3
Ocean CloudLimsa and La NosceaPrint (Small Angler’s Canvas) Levequest6
Sea CucumberLimsa and La NosceaLevequest7
Harbor HerringLimsa and La NosceaPrint (Small Angler’s Canvas) Levequest7
Vongola ClamLa NosceaPrint (Small Angler’s Canvas)8
Moraby FlounderLa NosceaPrint (Small Angler’s Canvas) Levequest10
White CoralLa NosceaPrint (Small Angler’s Canvas) LevequestVarious wristbands and rings5
GoldenfinLimsaPrint (Medium Angler’s Canvas)50

Now you know where to get Pill Bugs in FFXIV!

What did you call these “pill bugs” growing up? Let me know in the comments!

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