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Frontline is a popular PvP game type in FFXIV. It involves capturing areas on a unique map with dozens of other players.

The mode is not unlocked from the beginning of the game, so while you may be ready to take on other players, you might not be able to yet.

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To unlock Frontline in FFXIV, reach level 30 with a disciple of magic or war. Then, complete the Grand Company quest Like Civilized Men and Women.

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What is Frontline in FFXIV?

Frontline is the most popular PvP game type in Final Fantasy XIV. The game consists of three teams of 24 players.

There are multiple game modes within Frontline, but they revolve around capturing areas or “data” on the map.

Don’t worry if you are confused because it takes a few games to learn how to play. Instead of running around, pick a teammate and follow them around to learn the ropes.

How to Unlock Frontline in Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock Frontline in FFXIV, all you have to do is complete a specific quest. The quest comes from the Grand Company and consists of talking to a couple of NPCs.

Reach Level 30

The first step to unlocking Frontline in FFXIV is to reach level 30. You must reach level 30 with a disciple of war or magic.

If you are having trouble reaching level 30, do your daily duties. Daily leveling and guildhests are great ways to level fast.

Like Civilized Men and Women

After you reach level 30, you are able to access the Frontline quest. However, this is part of a questline.

The questline belongs to your Grand Company, which begins with The Company You Keep, MSQ.

After you complete the MSQ requirement, you get to choose a Grand Company. The following quest’s name varies depending on the company you choose.

After that, you get to unlock the Chocobo with My Little Chocobo and do a quest called A Pup No Longer, which unlocks PvP.

Finally, you are led to Wolves’ Den Pier, where you pick up the final quest to unlock Frontline. It’s called Like Civilized Men and Women.

Wolves’ Den Pier

Wolves’ Den Pier is the PvP lobby area. In the area, you can buy unique items with Wolf Marks, which you earn from Frontline and other PvP game types.

You do not have to be in Wolves’ Den Pier to enter Frontline. You may enter from anywhere as long as you’re not on a duty.

How to Enter Frontline

To begin your first game of Frontline, open Duty Finder and click on the PvP section. It is the emblem of the two swords to the right. 

For the daily Frontline, which gives extra rewards but requires level 50, click on the question mark and then scroll to the bottom.

You can have up to four players in a party and are matched with the remaining teammates. The wait isn’t typically long, but you do have to wait for at least 68 other players.

Keep in mind that PvP abilities are different than they are outside of PvP. Make sure you head to Wolves’ Den Pier before you begin the first game and adjust accordingly.

This resets after major patches, so you have to go to Wolves’ Den Pier to ensure your hotbar for PvP is up to date.

Now you know how to unlock Frontline in FFXIV.

What’s your favorite class in Frontline? Let me know in the comments!

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