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Glamour prisms in Final Fantasy XIV are items you use to make glamour.

To make your clothing appear as something other than what it is, you need glamours.

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To get glamour prisms in FFXIV, you can either buy them from the marketboard or your grand company or craft them yourself by first doing either A Self-improving Man in Mor Dhona or If I Had a Glamour in Western Thanalan.

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Where to Get Glamour Prisms in Final Fantasy XIV

There are random quests in FFXIV that give you glamour prisms, but that is only a limited supply.

To ensure you keep enough to fill your glamour chest, use one of these methods.

Unlock Glamour Prisms

Before you can use glamour prisms, you must unlock them. You need to be level 15, then start one of two questlines.

A Self-improving Man in Mor Dhona or If I Had a Glamour in Western Thanalan. These will unlock all you need to start using glamour.


The easiest and fastest way to get glamour prisms is on the Marketboard.

The only trouble with this method is that it’s difficult to find less than 99 at a time.

So, while buying one for 200 to 300 gil isn’t bad, a new player may not have 30,000 gil to spend on glamour prisms.

Grand Company

Because it’s so easy to farm Company Seals, there’s nothing wrong with buying glamour prisms with them.

Talk to the Quartermaster at your Grand Company to buy one for 200 Company Seals. It’s not a great idea to make it a habit of using seals for prisms, but in a pinch, it works.

Other Methods

  • Bicolor Gemstone Vendor – 6 Bicolor Gemstones
  • Horrendous Hoarder – 150 Island Cowries
  • Mark Quartermaster – 100 Wolf Marks

These methods are not recommended, but they are options. The reason it’s typically best not to use them is because the currency is rare.

How to Make Your Own Glamour Prisms

The cheapest way to get glamour prisms in Final Fantasy XIV is to make them.  

After you make one, quick synthesis is available, so you can one-click craft them and AFK. That’s a handy tool if you’re selling them in mass amounts.

Buy Master Recipe

To craft glamour prisms, you need to unlock the master recipe for Glamours for any crafting class level 15 or higher.

These cost 300 gil and are available upon completion of A Self-improving Man or If I Had a Glamour.

Once you do that, head to Goberin in Western Thanalan or Tataroga in Mor Dhona. They have the master recipes for purchase.

Buy Clear Prisms

Clear prisms are available at select NPCs. However, they are usually much cheaper on the marketboard for well under 100 gil each compared to 200 gil each from NPCs.

It’s always good to price check in case there is a rise in prices on the marketboard. But most of the time, it’s the best option.

Find Remaining Ingredients

The remaining ingredients are all super common and cheap. You can either use a gatherer to get it yourself or buy it on the marketboard.


Now, it’s time to craft. If you’re new to crafting, all you have to do is open the crafting log with N. Then find or search “Glamour Prism.”

If you have the ingredients, just click. These are easy to make, so you shouldn’t need more than the basic craft button.

After you do it once, use quick synthesis to make more than one at a time with one click.

Now you know where to get glamour prisms in FFXIV.

Do you tend to run out of prisms or have stacks in your retainer? Let me know in the comments!

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