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The sprout icon in Final Fantasy XIV is a small emblem next to your name that lets people know you are either a new or returning player.

The point is to let other players know you may need help and allow mentors to connect with you. People are generally more lenient with sprouts in duties.

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However, not everyone wants the attention the sprout icon brings.

To get rid of the sprout icon in FFXIV, type /nastatus off in chat. This loses the sprout icon temporarily and works as a toggle switch.

To get rid of the sprout icon permanently (or at least until the next expansion), spend 300 hours in the game, then begin the Endwalker MSQ.

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How to Get Rid of Sprout Icon in Final Fantasy XIV

The sprout icon in FFXIV has been around since Heavensward, and since then, new and returning players have been trying to remove it.

There are two ways to remove the sprout icon. You can either manually turn the visual icon off, or you can meet a couple of requirements.

When Do You Lose Sprout Icon – Steps to Take

It is possible to still be a sprout without the icon that feels like a big noob arrow pointing at you. All you have to do is type in chat.

Open chat with enter, then type /nastatus off. This turns off the icon. To turn it back on, type /nastatus on.

The problem with this is that it seems to return unwarranted. So, to ensure it stays gone, you have to remove the sprout icon by meeting a few requirements.

When Does Sprout Go Away Automatically?

It is also possible to make the sprout icon go away on its own. It’s important to note that the icon does return with each expansion.

So when Dawntrail releases, it will be back until you meet the new requirements. This will probably be to start Dawntrail and play 500 hours or so.

300 Hours

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about how many hours you need in-game not to be a sprout. That’s because when Endwalker was released, there were changes.

Previously, you needed less than 200 hours, but now it’s over 300 hours of playtime. To check your playtime, type /playtime in chat. It does require math, but it’s to track.

Shadowbringers Completion

Now comes the part that trips people up. Chances are you spend 300 hours on the game before you get to Shadowbringers.

Yet you now need to complete the Shadowbringers MSQ before you move beyond sprouthood. Not just that, but you have to start Endwalker.

So first, complete the Post-Shadowbringers MSQ Death Unto Dawn. Then, start the first Endwalker quest, The Next Ship to Sail.

Are There Benefits to Being a Sprout?

Sprouts do enjoy a few benefits. First of all, they aren’t judged as harshly as veterans. So if you make a mistake on a difficult trial, people tend to give you the benefit of the doubt.

You also have access to the Novice Network, which is a good resource for new players to connect with mentors and ask questions.

Other than that, being a sprout isn’t exactly a coveted position. People usually want to remove the icon as soon as possible.

Now you know how to get rid of the sprout icon in FFXIV.

How many hours did you put into the game before you weren’t a sprout? Let me know in the comments!

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