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Walking is the ultimate RP move in FFXIV, but not everyone knows how to walk in the game.

To do so, you must use a toggle button, which isn’t easy to find. But worry not, we will help you.

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To walk in FFXIV, press the “/’ key on the NUM pad on your keyboard. On the gamepad, click the left analog stick. Finally, on PlayStation, use circle.

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How to Walk in Final Fantasy XIV

To walk in FFXIV, you have to press the slash on your NUM pad. Because of this, it can get confusing if you don’t have a NUM pad (80% keyboard).

The key will toggle walk. So, if you start walking for “no reason,” try pressing the associated key to go back to normal.

Why Would You Want to Walk?

There are a few reasons someone may want to walk in FFXIV. The main reason is to roleplay.

There are some venues where running is against the rules, and unless dancing, you must have your RP walk on.

Another reason is to make small movements. This could be for screenshots, standing on a pole, or even a specific duty.

The last reason? Because it’s dramatic, and Final Fantasy players love a good dramatic scene.

Walking Vs. Default Walking

The default walk in FFXIV is also walking. This is the movement you make when holding forward but not sprinting.

To run, you use the sprint action, which you can assign to your hotbar. It has a cooldown and is not a toggle action.

The slow walk in FFXIV, which most people refer to as “RP walk,” is a toggle, has no cooldown, and is not an “action”.

How to Change the Walking Hotkey

To change the walking keybind in FFXIV, head to the System menu. You can access this by pressing ESC.

Then, go to Keybind. Make sure you’re on the Movement tab, the first tab, so you should be there by default.

From here, scroll down to Toggle Between Run/Walk. Then, click on NUM/ (or whatever the default key is set to).

Click on the key you want to set to Toggle Walk. Don’t worry; there will be a warning on the screen if you would overwrite another action by doing so.

Now you know how to walk in FFXIV!

What’s your reason for slowing it down? Let me know in the comments!

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