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In FFXIV, there are dozens of things you can do each day to earn rewards and even more things you can do each week to earn rewards. However, these things are limited, so you have to wait to do them after the first time. 

Unlike some other games, these timers do not depend on when you complete the activity. Instead, the timer is the same for everyone.

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This makes it much easier to keep track of as most of the timers reset simultaneously, so you can memorize when to start toward your daily/weekly allowance once again.

The daily reset times in FFXIV are generally at 10 am CST. The weekly reset times in FFXIV are generally on Tuesday at 3 am CST. There is a Grand Company timer of 3 pm CST and a quite complicated housing timer as well. But the first two timers are the ones you should remember as they are the standard.

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What are the Daily and Weekly Reset Times?

Daily and weekly reset times in FFXIV are times when a limited quest, allowance, etc., is available again.

Most resets are shared, so you don’t have to track each of them separately.

You can check the reset times in-game by going to Duty, then Timers. 

What Time is Daily Reset?

The primary daily reset in FFXIV is 10 am CST. Each day at this time, a variety of allowances are available.

If you haven’t done an allowance on any given day, you don’t have to wait until the next day. If it’s not near 10 am, you can do it anytime in a 24-hour period.

  • Tribal Quest – the setup for tribal quests can be confusing, but as far as the timer is concerned, it’s simple; this goes for all tribes, regardless of when you completed each one the previous day.
  • Duty Roulette – you can only gain one bonus (extra Gil, Allied Seals, etc.) per Duty Roulette each day (you can still do them an unlimited number of times without bonuses.) 
  • Daily Repeatable Quests – there are random yellow and blue repeatable quests that reset daily.
  • Frontline Duty Availability – this is just the daily challenge; you can still play Frontline on repeat.
  • Housing Message – though there are further details for housing timers, each reset is at 10 am
  • Daily Cactpot – you can grab new daily lottery tickets at the Golden Saucer (up to three a day)
  • The Hunt – you can grab new daily Hunts from the Hunt Board every day.

The Exceptions – 3 pm CST

  • Adventurer Squadron – the training allowances reset
  • Grand Company Supply/Provisioning – you can check and submit the new supply missions

What Time is Weekly Reset?

Weekly resets in FFXIV occur on Tuesday at 3 am CST.

It doesn’t matter when you complete these; they won’t reset until Tuesday.

You have the entire week to accomplish your weekly goals; you can do it Tuesday afternoon, Monday night, or any time in between.   

  • Allagan Tomestones of Causality – the high-tier reward currency resets each week, so you can grind them again.
  • Raid Rewards – such as for Euphrosyne and Pandæmonium
  • PvP Weekly Performance – check your standings on Tuesday
  • Challenge Log – all weekly challenges reset at the same time
  • Wondrous Tails – the journal that works like a bingo board, starts in Idyllshire
  • Faux Hollows – the extremely high-end Trial that you can do twice a week, starts in Idyllshire 
  • Custom Deliveries – a great way to level your crafters, so don’t miss your weekly limit
  • Doman Enclave Reconstruction Effort – head to this Yanxia location to gain exponential Gil each week
  • Adventurer Squadron Priority – the weekly mission is available again on Tuesday
  • Fashion Report – the Weekly Fashion Report at the Golden Saucer grants you 60,000+ Gil for a perfect score
  • The Hunt – you can grab your weekly bills and such during this reset

Now you know when the weekly and daily resets are in FFXIV.

These are subject to change in future patches, but if they do, it’s unlikely they will change by more than an hour or two. If we missed any allowances, let us know in the comments!

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