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Whether you’re a new player who wants to make the most of A Realm Reborn or a veteran who hasn’t got around to using Allied Seals, learning the fastest way to farm them can save you hours of the annoying grind.

Allied Seals are a currency in Final Fantasy XIV you can obtain from defeating Marks in The Hunt.

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They are only available in ARR regions and can be used to purchase housing items, armor, and more.

The fastest way to get Allied Seals in FFXIV is to join trains via Party Finder or do the Blue Mage log. The reason you should join a train is that the top hunt marks only spawn every two or three days, and joining someone who finds the marks for you saves time. The Blue Mage log gives Allied Seals for select weekly dungeons, raids, and more.

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How to Get Allied Seals in FFXIV

To get Allied Seals in Final Fantasy FFXIV, you have two options – complete daily/weekly Hunts or do Blue Mage log quests.

The fastest way for most people is to do Hunts, primarily because getting a Blue Mage gang together is a pain. Not to mention, one must first unlock Blue Mage and level them, which is a huge process.

Start the Hunt Quest in ARR

To start the Hunt quest, head to your Grand Company (which you must join during MSQ) and find Hunt Billmaster. His first quest is called Let the Hunt Begin.

Once you complete it, you will gain access to the Hunt Board, where you can claim bills and hunt marks to gain Allied Seals.

FFXIV Hunt Board

Locations of Hunt Billmaster

  • Malestrom (Trachraet, Hyur Midlander) – Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:12.7, Y:12.8)
  • Twin Adder (Scarlet, Hyur Highlander) – New Gridania (X:9.9, Y:11.4)
  • Immortal Flames (Mimio Mio, Lalafell) – Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:8.6, Y:9.4)

Collect Bills from Hunt Board

To gain Allied Seals from the Hunts, you must collect the bills from the Hunt Board.

You can find the board at your Grand Company. Click on the board, and feel free to collect all of the marks you can. There will be daily (regular) bills and weekly (elite) bills.

Join a Train (or go solo) 

Once you claim a bill, you can search the designated area listed on the bill for the mark.

When you find them, the monster will have a red mob icon above it. This is why trains come in handy. You can join one via Party Finder. There’s a special section with the same icon that you see over the monster.

There isn’t always a train going, but once you find one, you can ask when they meet up because there are daily trains that have a set schedule.

All you have to do is follow them after you join, and they will take you directly to the marks, which means you don’t have to waste time searching. Defeating them should be easy, even solo, because you don’t have to level sync. After all, it’s not a FATE.

There may even be a rule for trains that you can only have jobs under a certain level to ensure everyone gets a hit on the marks. This can slow things down, but it’s worth joining a train so you don’t have to search for marks.

Find and Defeat the Marks

Once you find the marks, you must defeat them to gain the Allied Seals. The daily marks will give you 15-75 Allied Seals, while the weekly ones will give you 100.

There are five of each level of daily marks, for a total of 15. So if you follow the train and collect them all, you can rack up the daily seals quickly.

FFXIV Defeating the Mark

To access the details of the Hunt Marks, go to your inventory and click on the quest item tab. This will let you look at each of them individually. 

Keep in mind that Allied Seals can only be obtained through A Realm Reborn. In Heavensweard and Stormblood, the Hunt currency is called Centurio Seals. In Shadowbringers and Endwalker, you get Sack of Nuts from defeating hunt marks. 

Also, Allied Seals are not the same as Company Seals, which you can get from doing a different type of GC hunt.

Steps to Get Allied Seals as a Blue Mage

To get Allied Seals as a Blue Mage, all you have to do is complete the Blue Scream of Death quest.

You must have a Blue Mage that’s level 60 to do this. This is part of the Blue Mage quest line, so as long as you complete the Blue Mage quests when you can, you’ll get to it.

Once you do, you will gain access to the Blue Mage log. Inside, you will see a list of raids and dungeons that grand you gil, Allied Seals, and more.

Each item will grant you somewhere between 10 and 400 Allied Seals, making this an amazing method to getting Allied Seals if you have a level 60 Blue Mage.

Spending Allied Seals

To spend your Allied Seals, you’ll have to head to your Grand Company and find Hunt Billmaster. He will have an array of armor, weapons, and ingredients you can use to create Zodiac weapons.

The Zodiac weapons are a type of “legendary weapon” in FFXIV, so building them can feel pretty fantastic.

But if you’re like a lot of people, you just want to add the Allied Seal exclusive armor (elite Grand Company uniform) to your Glam Dresser. 

Now that you know the two fastest ways to get Allied Seals, there’s nothing holding you back.

If you have any super fast methods to get Allied Seals, let me know in the comments! 

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