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Dark Knight is a Heavensward tank that begins at level 30. Tanks are known for being the best solo class yet also the greatest leaders.

Dark Knight is a well-rounded choice that was aptly named to attract all kinds of people. So whether you want to be one of the newer tanks or you thought the Dark Knight was Batman, you chose the class for a reason.

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To become a Dark Knight in Final Fantasy XIV, have a class that is level 50, complete “Before the Dawn” MSQ, and head to Ishgard. From there, do the “Our End” quest, the first quest in the Dark Knight quest chain. The quest unlocks Dark Knight while the following quests grant Dark Knight abilities and higher tier gear.

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How to Become Dark Knight in FFXIV

Dark Knight is consistently a high-tier tank, so it’s understandable if you want to unlock it.

Unlike base classes like Gladiator, the Dark Knight does not have a class attached to it.

You start the Dark Knight at level 30 as a job, and it does not turn into anything else. To access it, follow these steps.

Reach Level 50

The first step in becoming a Dark Knight in Final Fantasy XIV is reaching level 50. You must reach this level with a Disciple of War or Magic.

Before the Dawn

“Before the Dawn” is the MSQ prerequisite for Dark Knight. It is a level 50 quest that leads you to Ishgard.

The quest also unlocks the title “Bearer of the Torch,” so if you don’t have that title, you need to go further in the MSQ.

It’s important to note that although the city is referred to as Ishgard in the story and by other players, it goes by another name too.

The Foundation is the Aetheryte you teleport to reach Ishgard. It is an area of Ishgard yet is used synonymously in many cases.

Head to Coerthas when you teleport and then Foundation to get to the Dark Knight quest chain.

Isghard “Our End”

The Dark Knight quest chain starts with a quest called “A Dark Spectacle” in Ishgard. Make sure you answer “yes,” or you’ll have to talk to him again.

If you are having trouble finding the Isghardian Citizen that gives you the quest, head to The Pillars and check around 13-9.

The quest after the first is “Our End.” All you have to do for it is talk to someone, travel back to the center of Isghard, and then watch a cutscene.

Once you do this quest, you are technically a Dark Knight. Any further quests unlock new abilities and gear.

To continue, equip the Dark Knight gear, which allows you to unlock new quests and level the Dark Knight.

Alternative: Skips

To skip two of the three above steps, you can purchase story skips and class skips from the MogStation.

At the time, this will take you through level 80. The story skip will take you all the way through Shadowbringers, depending on which story skip you purchase.

Dark Knight Basics

Some classes in FFXIV are difficult to get started with, but Dark Knight isn’t one of them.

It does rely on chains and gauge control but is easier to get the hang of than Gunbreaker, which has a notoriously confusing first quest.

Shadowbringers brought with it many changes that transformed Dark Knight. You still rely on Dark Arts and don’t need to worry about positioning.

Learn your single target rotation and AoE rotation while paying attention to when to use buffs. Make sure you keep aggro, and you’ll do fine as a beginner Dark Knight.

Now you know how to become a Dark Knight in FFXIV. Give into the tanky delight of the Dark Arts and carry your team to victory.

If I missed any steps to becoming a Dark Knight, let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to share your favorite Dark Knight moment.

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