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The Bozja Southern Front is an instance in FFXIV where you complete FATEs and level your jobs. The quests you do in the area take you on a path to collect FFXIV relic weapons. 

If you’ve had trouble finding Bozja and getting to the Southern Front, you’re not alone. Bozjan troubles are common, but help is on the way. 

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To unlock the Bozjan Southern Front in Final Fantasy XIV, complete the MSQ “Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty” and the Return to Avalice questline. Then, head to Kugane to start the Bozja Questline with the quest “Hail to the Queen”. A few quests in, Bozja will unlock, granting you access to all that the Southern Front offers.

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How to Unlock the Bozjan Southern Front in Final Fantasy XIV 

The Bozjan Southern Front is an area you can only reach if you fulfill a few requirements. Only then can you begin the Bozja quests that lead to the Southern Front.

Here are the requirements to unlock the Bozjan Southern Front in FFXIV.


  • Purchase Shadowbringers 
  • Complete “Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty” 
  • Complete the “Return to Ivalice” questline
  • Have at least one Level 80 Disciple of War or Magic

The Bozja Questline

The Bozja questline is a set of blue quests that unlock the Bozja Southern Front.

This questline is part of the Resistance Weapon (certain legendary weapons) set, but only the first half of the quest is required to enter Bozja.

Rhalgr’s Reach

After you meet the requirements for the Bozja Southern Front, head to Rhaglr’s Reach. To get to Rhaglr’s Reach, go to the Gyr Abania tab and teleport.

If you forgot to attune, there are two ways to get there. Go to East Shroud, then the Fringes, then Rhaglr’s Reach. The other method is through The Peaks.

Hail to the Queen and Path to the Past

To unlock Bozja, you must start the Bozja questline in Kugane. Find Keiten, who takes you on a wild goose chase around Kugane. 

After you complete Hail to the Queen, Path to the Past takes you to the Doman Enclave, then Rhaglr’s Reach.

Bozja Incident

Once in Rhaglr’s Reach, find the quest called “The Bozja Incident” from the NPC Ironworks Engineer at around 12-12. 

This is not a simple quest, as it requires you to do a solo version of Memoria Misera, aka Varis yae Galvus.

Fire in the Forge and Gangos

Fire in the Forge is another easy quest that involves waiting and traveling. Gangos is the region that takes you to Bozja. To get there, head to the Doman Enclave and talk to the airship pilot.

Where Eagles Nest

In Gangos, find Marsak, who has the quest “Where Eagles Nest.” After Fire in the Forge, a subline of quests unlocks that helps you get Resistance Weapons. 

But to get to Bozja, talk to Sjeros in Gangos, who lets you into the Southern Front. Do the quick quest in Bozja to unlock the ability to do FATEs and use the abilities within the area.

Bozja Basics

Bozja is a confusing area though this isn’t a detailed guide for Bozja Southern Front. The area has its own leveling system with all gear synced up to 80. 

It also has a separate Resistance Rank, which will let you know the best area for you to farm in. The best way to get to know Bozja and not run around like a chicken with its head cut off is to group up. 

The special abilities in Bozja are Lost Actions, which are life-saving moves you can earn. To earn Lost Actions, find Forgotten Fragments.

Collect Fragments from FATEs (Skirmishes) or quests in Bozja, then turn them in to the Appraiser. Finally, Bozja Clusters are a fan-favorite drop that works as a currency to get rare items from the Quartermaster.

All that said, the main reason people farm Bozja is to get relic weapons. That’s an entire guide on its own, but it’s worth mentioning in case you’re aching for a glowy Resistance Weapon.

Now you know how to unlock the Bozja Southern Front.

If you are struggling through Bozja or have tips to help others get started, let me know in the comments!

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