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The Island Sanctuary is one of the fastest-growing features in FFXIV. New features to the island are added with almost every patch. With Dawntrail on the way, you can expect even bigger changes to the 6.2 piece of free real estate.

For those not familiar, the Island Sanctuary is a private island where you can go to unlock new items and build a ranch of sorts through an island-exclusive system. This means you don’t have to have gatherers or crafters unlocked.

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To get to Island Sanctuary for the first time in FFXIV, you must complete Endwalker and do the “Seeking Sanctuary” quest in Old Sharlayan. Then, you can head to Moraby Drydocks and talk to Baldin to enter your island.

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How to Get to Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV

You can’t just waltz into one of the main cities and grab an Island Sanctuary.

You have to spend a decent number of hours completing a few requirements before you can get your own slice of paradise.

Complete Endwalker

You can’t get your own Island Sanctuary in FFXIV unless you complete the Endwalker MSQ. So you must be level 90 and either buy a story skip or sink hundreds of hours into Final Fantasy XIV.

The story skips and job skips are available on MogStation (FFXIV Online Store).

They will likely go on sale next year (which happens every expansion) with a chance to get a skip to level 90 rather than 80 like they are now.

Seeking Sanctuary

After you ensure you have completed the MSQ “Endwalker,” head to Old Sharlayan to accept the quest “Seeking Sanctuary”. He is right outside the main Old Sharlayan Aetheryte Plaza.

If you can’t find him, make sure that you go to 12-11, where he should be standing. If he’s not there, it may be because you haven’t met the requirements.

Make sure you can see the blue quest on the map. If you can’t, then check your MSQ log to ensure you have completed the “Endwalker” quest.

Moraby Drydocks

The quest will lead you to Lower La Noscea, where you will speak to Baldin, who lets you enter your Island Sanctuary for the first time.

From here, you complete a few more blue quests that help you set up your Island Sanctuary in FFXIV along with Tataru.

Note: to leave your island, you can teleport somewhere or head back to the beach and interact with the boat.

Getting to Someone Else’s Island Sanctuary (or Inviting Them to Yours)

You don’t have to be a veteran to visit someone else’s island, but a player must be level 50 and have completed the MSQ “The Ultimate Weapon”.

Then, they can enter your island by going to Moraby Dryrocks and talking to Baldin, choosing “Travel to an Acquaintance’s Island”. As for the Island owner, there are a few steps you must take to allow visitors.

Cozy Cabin

For friends to visit your island, they need a place to stay (roleplay-wise).

To grant them one, you must complete the Island Sanctuary quest “The Coziest of Cabins”. This doesn’t take long but does require some farming to build your first cabin on the island.

Allow Friends

To allow others to visit your island, you must go to Sanctuary Settings on the Islekeeper’s Index. Then click the cog, which will give you the menu.

From there, select who you want to allow to visit your island. There can only be 16 people on your island at one time, and people will be kicked after 30 minutes if they are inactive.

Now you know how to get your very own Island Sanctuary. Remember, it takes a long time to rank up with your island, so enjoy each accomplishment.

The future is bright for the Island Sanctuary! What new changes do you hope to see in the future?

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