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Chocobos are an iconic bird in FFXIV. They can fly you around, fight with you, and carry a portion of your belongings.

One of the most useful actions chocobos can take is fighting alongside you in the wild. But before they can do that, you have to go through a few steps.

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To summon a chocobo in FFXIV, feed them a Gyashl Green. To feed a chocobo, right-click the Gyashl Green in your inventory or add it to your hotbar.

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How to Summon and Feed Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV

To summon and feed your chocobo in FFXIV, you must complete the chocobo quest. In most cases, you must complete more than one chocobo quest.

The reason to summon your chocobo is either to fight or to fly. These are two separate events, and only summoning requires you to feed the chocobo.

How to Summon Chocobo to Fight

To summon your chocobo to fight, feed it a Gyashl Green. You don’t need to go to a special menu to do this after the first time.

Just put the food on your hotbar and click the button to feed your chocobo. Using the food will not cause you to consume the food as chocobo food is separate.

That said, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the Companion menu. These commands have their own hotbar, but they are also located in the Companion menu.

  • Summon – place on regular hotbar
  • Dismiss – tells your chocobo to retreat
  • Follow – tells your chocobo to follow you
  • Free Stance – automatic stance that doesn’t require you to make commands
  • Defender – defends you only
  • Healer – heals you only
  • Attacker – attacks the target only

To set up the chocobo’s unique hotbar, go to Character Configuration and then Hotbar Settings. To change where the hotbar is, use HUD settings.

How to Feed Chocobo

To feed your chocobo and get it to appear beside you, feed it from your inventory, the Companion menu, or your hotbar.

This is separate from feeding it to change its stats or change its color and only includes Gyashl Greens.

To keep the chocobo summoned, you have to feed it every 30 minutes, or it will disappear.

Summon Chocobo as a Mount

The first time you summon your chocobo, use the whistle in your inventory. Add it to your hotbar for easy access. After you get more mounts, you may also add them to your hotbar.

Chocobo Questline

Before you can access the chocobo questline, you must complete the first Grand Company quests in the MSQ. You also have to be level 20.

After you choose a Grand Company, continue on that questline until you have the option to get a chocobo.

My Little Chocobo

My Little Chocobo rewards you with a Chocobo Whistle and the ability to use the chocobo as a mount.

To complete the question, collect 200 Company Seals, buy the Chocobo Issuance, and then speak to the proper NPCs.

My Feisty Chocobo

My Feisty Chocobo rewards you with the chocobo as a companion and the chocobo saddlebag. The saddlebag is extra storage.

It also grants you (through a purchase) a Gyashl Green, which you use to summon your chocobo as a companion.

Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand is not necessary to use your chocobo as a companion. But it does allow you to change the color of your chocobo and grant them stats.

What to Feed Chocobo to Increase Stats

  • Curiel Root – increases XP earned
  • Syklis  Bud – increases attack
  • Mimett Gourd – increases healing potency
  • Tantaplant – increases max HP
  • Pahsana Fruit – increases enmity generation
  • Thavnarian Onion – increases level

To change the stats of your chocobo by feeding it, you have to put it in a stable.

You can purchase a stable and access it through your Free Company house, personal house, or apartment building.

You cannot summon your chocobo while it is stabled. To summon it, you have to manually get it from the stable and then summon it as usual.

What to Feed Chocobo to Change Its Color

To change your chocobo’s color, you must feed it a combo of foods. The process is quite chaotic and not as predictable as giving stat boosts.

It is highly recommended to use a Chocobo Color Calculator. Doing the process on your own is strenuous and unreliable.

To start the process, you have to put your chocobo in a stable and then feed it when it is hungry. Depending on the color you choose, this could take anywhere from six hours to a week.

Now you know how to summon and feed your chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV.

What’s your favorite chocobo food, and why? Let me know in the comments!

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