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Company Seals are one of the many currencies of Final Fantasy XIV. You get them through Grand Company quests and turn-ins.

Turning in old gear to your Grand Company is one of the best ways to get Seals. But deciding what to spend them on isn’t so easy.

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The best way to spend Company Seals in Final Fantasy XIV is on Ventures, Glamour items, and Materials. Dark Matter and Manuals are other great options. To use them, head to your Grand Company and speak to the Quartermaster. There you find everything you can buy, which increases as you rank up.

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What to Buy with Company Seals in FFXIV

There are many options for things to buy with Company Seals. This can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you want.

Breaking down the options and filtering through the pointless purchases will help you make the most of your time and money.


Ventures are a popular item to buy with Company Seals after you join a Grand Company. They are a currency you use to send your Retainer on adventures to bring you back items.

If you’re unsure what to spend Company Seals on, Ventures is a safe bet because you will always use them.

To purchase Ventures, go to the first section, Private First Class, and then to the materiel tab. The top option is Ventures. You get one Venture per 200 Company Seals.

Glamour Prisms

Glamour Prisms and Dispellers are a good choice to spend Company Seals on. They allow you to create glamour and remove glamour.

Glamour is a way to add a ‘skin’ to your armor in FFXIV. It is purely visual and does not add any effects to your armor.

Glamour Prisms and Dispellers are located in the second section,  Sergeant Third Class, under the Materiel tab.

Dark Matter

Dark Matters 1-8 are available at the Company shop. The grades below 6 are not worth buying. Grade 8 Dark Matter will give you the greatest return.

However, you may want to hold onto the Dark Matter. Grade 8 Dark Matter allows you to repair your gear, levels 1-90, while in a dungeon.


If you’re a crafter or gatherer, consider burying the manuals with Company Seals. There are four options.

Company-issue Engineering Manual (I and II) and Company-issue Survival Manual (I and II).

Engineering Manuals give a temporary boost to crafting XP, while the Survival Manuals give a boost to gathering XP.

Relic Materials

Keep in mind that getting relic materials with Company Seals is not ideal. There are better ways to get these ingredients.

But if you don’t like any of the other options, you can spend them seals on relic ingredients. Grab a detailed list of the weapon in mind before you start.

Materials to Sell

The market in FFXIV is always changing. So what is valuable today may not be valuable next week.

Chances are that there are materials at any given time that are worth the investment of Company Seals if you sell them right away.

Before you start buying random materials with Company Seals, take a look at the marketboard or ask your FC.

Materiel Containers

Materiel Containers are available at Second Lieutenant through the materiel tab. They cost 20,000 seals but are worth it if you love lootboxes.

Though they may drop a minion with 100 gil they may also drop mounts worth millions. So only go for them if you love a gamble.

Other Options To Spend Company Seals

The above options are common, optimal choices. But there are plenty of other things to buy with Company Seals.

To start things off, take a look at the unique barding, orchestration scrolls, and seeds. If you’re not interested in those, these other options should suit your fancy.


You can grab Attention, At Ease, and Reflection with Company Seals. If you are an emote collector, you don’t want to miss them.

Once you buy them and open them, there’s no need to buy them again. So it’s worth the investment.


There are plenty of weapons and armor you can buy and turn into glam at each stage at the Grand Company.

In total, there are almost 20 glamour sets unique to each Grand Company. All three GCs have different sets, so there are even more for those that want to collect them all.

House Items

There are only around a dozen housing items unique to each Grand Company. They follow the color scheme of the Grand Company and often include banners.

If you like the colors of the Grand Company, consider decorating your house with the easy-to-get housing items at your GC.

Squadron Upgrades

There are books available called Contemporary Warfare that allow you to change the class of a squadron member.

There’s also an item you can buy called Squardon Enlistment Manual that draws in recruits.

Now you know what to buy with Company Seals in FFXIV.

Good luck on your ventures, and remember not to let your seals cap. If I missed any important details, let me know in the comments!

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