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As you journey through the MSQ of Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll be asked to join a Grand Company. When you do, it feels like a life-changing decision. But the truth is, you can change Grand Companies later on. 

The method to do this isn’t precisely outlined in FFXIV; maybe it’s something “they” don’t want you to know. After all, Grand Company loyalty is taken seriously in the Eorzean Alliance. But so is freedom.

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To change Grand Companies in FFXIV, you must first join a GC, reach the rank of Second Lieutenant, and then talk to the Personnel Officer. That’s all there is to it.

However, there are pros and cons to switching Grand Companies. For example, you have to wait over two weeks to switch after the first time and pay 50,000 gil. 

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How to Change Grand Companies in FFXIV

To change Grand Companies in FFXIV, you’ll have to go through two simple steps.

The first is a prerequisite, while the other is the action you need to take to change GCs.

Reach Second Lieutenant

Once you reach the Second Lieutenant, not only can you use a squadron, get a house, and join the hunt, but you can also switch Grand Companies.

Second Lieutenant is often considered the most important rank in FFXIV, so reaching it as soon as possible is highly recommended, even if you don’t plan on switching Grand Companies.

Talk to Personnel Officer

To change Grand Companies, you can talk to the Personnel Officer at the Grand Company you want to switch to; you can’t do it from your GC.

The Personnel Officer is standing next to the Quartermaster and Administrator. Remember that you must use the Personnel Officer at the company you want to switch to.

If you use a different one, you’ll have to wait two weeks and be charged additional gil to transfer again.

Why (or Why Not) Change Your Grand Company?

  • Achievement Titles
  • Mammet Minion
  • Jewelry
  • GC Armor
  • Unique Furniture
  • GC Bardings

The above are a few exclusive items you can get from each Grand Company that you can keep (in your collection) even if you switch Grand Companies.

So for collecting items for achievements, or because you’re a collector, you can switch Grand Companies to get the items from each.

You can also max out the rank for all Grand Companies because the rank is kept when you switch back.

Finally, a good reason to switch Grand Companies is to maximize the number of seals you can carry because your GC will hold our seals for you when you transfer.

While someone with one GC can only have a max of 90,000 Seals at Captain, having three GCs will give you a max of 270,000 GC.

To put this into perspective, that’s 1350 Venture Tokens or 13 Material Containers (which can contain the Night Pegasus Whistle worth around 15 million Gil.)

Now for the not-so-great part of switching GCs. When you switch Grand Companies, know that you will start over at rank one in the company you switch to.

Your seals do not transfer over, either. The rank and seals stay at the old Grand Company, and you do get them back if you transfer back.

You also can’t use the GC armor you have, even for glam, unless you are in the associated GC. You keep your squadron but can’t use it again until you reach Second Lieutenant again.

So this rounds out a rather comparable list of pros and cons of changing your Grand Company.

Can You Change Your Grand Company More Than Once?

After the one free Grand Company change (one more after your initial choice in MSQ,) you will have a few penalties to pay in order to change it again.

You have to pay 50,000 Gil after the first switch and wait 15 days between each transfer.

If you can live with that, then feel free to switch GCs as often as you like. 

Now you know how to switch Grand Companies with ease.

If we missed any steps or left any critical pieces of information out, let us know in the comments!

Don’t forget to make some noise for your favorite Grand Company while you’re at it! 

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