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Ranking up in your Grand Company is more than just an honorary merit in FFXIV. It also unlocks new items, allows you access to new features, and gets you ready for the future of Grand Company ranks.

There are ranks in the game’s coding that you cannot reach, letting us know that it’s a good idea to get ready for the day when accessible ranks in FFXIV reach beyond Captain.

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Most people decide to start ranking up in the Grand Company when they realize they need to if they want to buy a house. But that’s just one of the reasons veterans recommend it. 

To rank up in your Grand Company in FFXIV, all you have to do is talk to the Personnel Officer, click on “Apply for a Promotion,” and he’ll let you know if you can rank up or not.

You usually only need to give him Grand Company Seals to rank up, but later on, there are other requirements, which include doing the Hunting Log, Grand Company quests, and Squadron Missions.

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How to Rank Up Your Grand Company in Final Fantasy XIV

To rank up in your Grand Company, you must hand in seals. But before you can do that, you need to earn seals.

After that, you can easily get through the first few ranks. From there, it gets a little more complicated.

Earn Seals

  • Trade in Unwanted Gear (the best way to earn company seals)
  • Duty Roulette
  • GC Leves
  • Supply and Provision Deliveries
  • Hunting Log
  • FATES (up to level 70 region)

There are a handful of ways to earn seals that you can use to rank up in your Grand Company.

The best way is to hand in your old dungeon gear by talking to the Personnel Officer.

Once you talk to him, click “Undertake Supply and Provisioning Missions”. Then, head to the Expert Delivery tab. Ensure that “Hide Gear Set Items” is on, and then sell any gear you don’t need.

This is by far the fastest and best way to get Company Seals in Final Fantasy XIV.

While you’re there, you can also check which Supply and Provision Deliveries you can turn in, but this takes either Gil or a ton of farming to do. It’s a good way to level up your gatherers and crafters, but not a great way to get seals. 

The catch for Expert Delivery is that you can’t do it until you’re Sergeant Second Class. So before then, the best way is to do Hunting Logs and Duty Roulette.

Guildhests and Leveling are recommended anyway for classes that aren’t max level. If you do them as the class as the Adventurer in Need class (usually Tank or Healer), you’ll get around five times more seals.

Talk to Personnel Officer (Apply for Promotion)

When you have enough seals to rank up (or want to check how many you need), talk to the Personnel Officer.

Click on Apply for Promotion. Then he’ll either tell you the prerequisites or he’ll allow you to rank up.

Around half of the time, all you need are a few thousand seals, but for the other half, you need to journey through an annoying task or two.

Each Grand Company Rank (Requirements)

Here is a complete overview of what the requirements for reaching the different ranks are:

RankUnlocksRequirements (How to)
Private Second Class2000 Seals
Private First Class3000 Seals
Corporal4000 Seals
Sergeant Third Class5000 Seals and GC Hunting Log Rank 1
Sergeant Second ClassExpert Delivery6000 Seals
Sergeant First Class7000 Seals
Chief Sergeant8000 Seals and “Shadows Uncast” quest
Second LieutenantAdventure Squadrons and Option to Change GC (also a prerequisite for housing)9000 Seals, GC Hunting Log Rank 2, and “Gilding the Bilious” quest
First Lieutenant“Flagged Mission: Crystal Recovery”
CaptainLoot Boxes available at Quartermaster5 Command Missions and “Flagged Mission: Sapper Strike”

If all you have to do is earn seals, it’s easy to rank up. But there are a few other prerequisites along the way that make it more difficult to rank up in your Grand Company.

Hunting Logs

Hunting logs are necessary to reach Sergeant Third Class and Second Lieutenant.

These are super easy to take on. All you have to do is go to Logs, then Hunting Logs, then click on your GC icon. This will have a list of enemies to hunt down and lets you know how many Seals each will grant you.

Complete all of the Rank 1 hunts first, followed by Rank 2. Rank 3 hunts are not necessary at the time, but you can still do them to get seals. 

Note: this is not the same as The Hunt.

GC Quest

Grand Company quests are necessary to reach Chief Sergeant and Second Lieutenant. You can’t do them anytime you want.

Instead, they are blue quests that appear at your Grand Company whenever you reach certain ranks. These work just like class quests and are quite simple to complete as it’s primarily about the GC story.

Command and Flagged Missions

Squadron missions are necessary to reach the last two ranks – First Lieutenant and Captain. Once you gain access to them, you can start doing the Command Missions in the back room (Barracks) of your GC.

The Flagged Missions are special missions that you will have to undertake to rank up in your Grand Company. There are prerequisites for each of these that involve leveling your Squadron.

The biggest difference between Command Missions and Squadron Missions is that the Squadron Missions allow you to send your team out without you.

The Command Missions require you to take your squadron through dungeons. Missions with your Squadron are similar to Duty Support; only the NPCs in your squadron heavily rely on you.

You can tell them when to fight when to disengage, and so on. Each Squadron member levels separately, so you have to take the members you want to level with you on the dungeon runs.

Doing the Command Missions is a good way to level your Squadron so that they can complete Flagged Missions on their own. The whole Squadron setup makes leveling to Captain quite grueling, but it’s well worth it.

Now you’re ready to climb the ranks of your Grand Company and eventually become their captain.

Anything else you want to add, let us know in the comments!

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