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Though not all reasons are valid, kicking party members in FFXIV is acceptable in many cases.

The community is strong, and most of the time, kicking members is for a good reason.

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To kick a party member in FFXIV, right-click on their name and click “Vote Dismiss.” This will start a vote to kick them. If it fails, they remain. If it succeeds, the player will be kicked, and your party leader will be able to add a new member to replace the kicked party member.

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How to Kick a Party Member in Final Fantasy XIV

To kick a party member in FFXIV outside of a duty, the party leader is able to kick the party member directly. They just right-click and then press “Kick From Party”.

But in a duty, even the party leader cannot kick a member without a vote.

Vote Dismiss

The first step in kicking a party member in FFXIV is to right-click their name, then click “Vote Dismiss.” You can do this from the party menu.

Choose a Reason

The next step is to choose a reason. Reasons include AFK, Harassment, and Cheating. Choose the appropriate one and then click “Commence”.


The vote to kick a member does not need to be unanimous, but it does need to be majority. So you have to wait for most of the other members to vote.

If you did not initiate the vote, all you have to do is click “Yes” or “No.” Then, wait for everyone else to vote.

Add New Member

After the party member is kicked, your party leader can add a new member. This can only be done in matched parties, not pre-made parties.

To add a member to the party, go to Duty Finder, then click “Add Member”. This adds the next available searching player that fits the class requirements and has their settings to clear joining in-progress games.

Why Kick Party Members in FFXIV

There are plenty of reasons to kick a party member in Final Fantasy XIV. But most reasons boil down to one of three major concerns.


One of the primary reasons to kick a party member in FFXIV is due to inactivity. If someone leaves for an extended period, it likely isn’t personal if they get kicked.

There is no rule of thumb, but in general, if someone AFKs for more than a few minutes without letting the team know, it is okay to kick them.


If someone is harassing another player, being toxic, or griefing, then the entire team is welcome to report and kick them.

Square Enix is harsh when it comes to harassment, and they do not take kindly to any form of cyberbullying.


Cheating is difficult to prove and difficult to report, considering it can benefit the team. But it doesn’t sit well with most players.

It is a perfectly valid reason to kick someone and find someone who wants to play the game the way it’s meant to be played.

When Not to Kick Party Members in FFXIV

If you are found to have reported or kicked someone who did not warrant the report, you could face repercussions. That’s why it’s important always to be able to back up your argument and have a valid reason.


Unlike games like League of Legends, there is no reason akin to “Unskilled Play” to report or kick someone.

If someone refuses to listen to instructions regarding mechanics or to exhibit teamwork, that’s another story. But if someone is new or inexperienced, that is not a reason to kick them.


Disagreements happen, and that’s okay in the FFXIV community. But ganging up on someone over a simple disagreement is a good way to hear from a GM in a negative context.

If you have trouble getting along and have the urge to kick someone, it’s better to leave yourself or disband.

Minor AFK

Minor AFKs happen. Some people have to use the restroom, have kids to take care of, or even have demanding parents.

If someone disappears, it’s good practice to give them a minute to return. This is especially true if they tell you beforehand or if you are not in battle when they leave.

Now you know how to kick a party member in FFXIV.

Have you ever been kicked without warrant? Let me know in the comments!

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