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Squadron Recruits in FFXIV are a group of NPCs that you can take on missions. There’s a decent amount of non-Squadron content locked behind them.

Are you wondering which ones are the best to use in the game? Find out in this guide.

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The best squadron recruits in FFXIV are one of the twelve with unique outfits. The best classes are Marauder, Conjurer, Archer, and Rogue.

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Best Squadron Recruits in Final Fantasy XIV

The squadron recruits do not have specific stats based on their name in FFXIV.

The only traits that make them who they are are class, race, and gender.

Otherwise, their stats are based on when they enlist. Because of this, you can choose your recruits based on other factors.

Basics of Squadrons

Squadrons are not something every player in FFXIV utilizes. Most people don’t even know where to start.

How to Unlock

To unlock squadron recruits, you have to complete the level 47 Grand Company quest. The Wuest is called Squadron and Commander.

To do the quest, you have to be level 47 and be Second Lieutenant in your Grand Company. So it takes a while to get there.

How to Get New Recruits

You can find a list of every recruit and how to unlock them on the Wiki page. Head to your Challenge Log and complete the relevant challenge.

For example, Hastaloeya is a fan favorite. His category is Dungeon. So if you go to Challenge Log and then Dungeon, you may get his enlistment paper after completing a Dungeon challenge.

Squadron Enlistment Manual

A Squadron Enlistment Manual makes it more likely that a squadron will enlist. What’s great about these is that the effect doesn’t end until you get a new recruit.

To purchase a Squadron Enlistment Manuial, go to your quartermaster and spend the required 2000 Company Seals.

Ranking Up

To level your recruits, you have to train them or send them on missions. To train them, go to the message board and train certain skills.

For missions, you can either send them to dungeons alone or go with them for Command Missions. Anything you do like this levels them

Interact with the NPC in the room to get started. He will tell you which missions you can do and the chances of success for each.

Checking for New Recruits

You don’t have to be in the Barracks to check for new recruits. All you have to do is go to Timers, then click on Adventure Squadron.

To accept the recruit or to see who it is, you do have to go to the Barracks. But it’s good to know if one is there before you travel to the GC.

Best Classes for Recruits

The best class for recruits in FFXIV depends on your playstyle. Do you prefer to focus on certain skills being overpowered, or do you play with balance in mind?

Best Specialists Squadron Class

  • Marauder
  • Conjurer
  • Archer
  • Rogue

These four classes are best for honing specific skills. They always have one high skill, and the rest are mediocre at best.

Best Balanced Squadron Class

All other classes aside from the ones mentioned above are fairly balanced. So, if you want a well-rounded team that doesn’t rely on synergy, avoid the above.

How to Make a Better Squadron

The best squadron recruits in FFXIV are the ones that you train to be that way. There are many ways to ensure you have the best squad out there.

Squadron Chemistry

Squadron chemistry is important later on. That’s why getting new recruits is still a good idea, even if you max the ones you have out.

Squadron chemistry is based on race. Some recruits get bonuses by being with certain other races.

So, make sure to check this so you can find out which race is missing from your squadron. It’s possible for them to overlap, letting you get double bonuses.

You can also change chemistry, but it’s random. To do so, open the profile for the recruit and click on the lightning bolt.

Change Class

It is possible to change the class of squadron members. All you need are Contemporary Warfare books.

Buy these books from your Quartermaster for 3000 GC seals. Make sure you use the proper book (Offense, Defense, Magicks).

Train and Level 

Always have your Squadron on a mission or training. Any rest they need is forced, so you can keep them out as often as possible.

Ideally, you will throw in Command Missions every once in a while, but if you do primarily training and Squadron Missions, that is still beneficial.

What is important is doing Flagged Missions when they become available. You may need to train for them.

But each Flagged Mission unlocks the next set of missions and is sometimes required for you to unlock in-game content.

For Flagged Missions, you must meet the requirements, or you will fail. Other missions are easier and allow you a chance of success against all odds.

Squadron Recruits with Unique Outfits

Now, here is a good way to choose your recruit. There are a select few recruits that come with unique outfits.

KhorchiPirateFemale Au RaPugilistGold Saucer
RaidenFancy Masked ManMale Au RaPugilistGuildhests, Levequests, Grand Company
CrildeReindeerFemale ElezenRogueGold Saucer
MeuliaireBest Man’s SuitMale ElezenRogueFATEs
CiliaWhite GriffinFemale HyurThaumaturgeGold Saucer
DolfinBlack GriffinMale HyurThaumaturgePvP
KelmomoSpring DressFemale LalafellMarauderDisciple of the Hand
SeserikkuSnowmanMale LalafellMarauderGold Saucer
E’ptolmiBunny (Gold Saucer)Female Miqo’teArcherDisciples of the Land, Treasure Hunt
Kehda’to MouiTigerskin (Aiming)Male Miqo’teArcherGold Saucer
RaelthotaColiseum SetFemale RoegadynArcanistDungeons
Raging OxShirtlessMale RoegadynArcanistGold Saucer

Now you know the best squadron recruits in FFXIV.

What is your favorite recruit so far? Let me know in the comments!

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