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In any MMORPG, you need to level up your character to unlock new powers and reach new content.

The best way to level in FFXIV changes every ten levels or so. It also depends on the type of disciple you are leveling.

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To level up fast in Final Fantasy XIV, do Duty Roulettes. Although there are other ways, such as deep dungeons and FATEs, Duty Roulettes are the best way to level. Make sure you unlock each type of Duty Roulette by keeping up with MSQ and doing side quests that unlock new duties.

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How to Level Up Fast in Final Fantasy XIV

While leveling in FFXIV, it’s good practice to eat every 30 minutes as it provides a 3% boost to EXP. If you eat more than one of a certain food, you can go an hour without eating and still receive the same boost.

Even without any extra items, all classes below your highest class level receive an extra boost of XP. The increase is up to 100%.

Also, always log out while you have the rested bonus in sanctuaries. This grants an additional 50% boost.

If you’re in a GC, get your Grand Company to use the Heat of Battle perk if possible, granting a 5 to 15% XP bonus.

Finally, if a sprout and mentor are in the same party, both receive a boost until level 80. So if you are either, get the other to join your party.

Item Level Boosts in FFXIV

There are items in FFXIV for each level up to the one before the most recent that grants an EXP boost. To get these, you usually have to participate in the promotion.

However, some are still available and are worth looking into. You do sacrifice a jewelry slot, but it’s worth it for low-tier duties.

  • Moogle Cap – up to level 10 – pre-order a Ream Reborn
  • Helm of Light – up to level 10 – A Realm Reborn – Collector’s Edition
  • Friendship Circlet – up to level 25 – Recruit a Friend Campaign
  • Brand-New Ring – up to level 30 – Complete Hall of Novice
  • Ala Mhigan Earrings – up to level 50 – Pre-order Stormblood
  • Aetherye Earring – up to level 70 – Pre-order Shadowbringers
  • Bozjan Earing – up to level 80 –  Lost and Found IV achievement
  • Menphina’s Earring – up to level 80 – Pre-order Endwalker

Leveling Guide Per Level

Most of the best methods for leveling involve doing daily duty roulettes. These are daily duties that give you a random dungeon, trial, or raid out of a selection.

Level 1-16

Leveling to 16 is a breeze. Leves, FATEs, and hunting logs are the easiest ways because there are no duty options before 15.

The starting areas have these outside the city walls. It’s easiest to have a friend help you out if it’s your first time.

In general, the leves start with a blue quest with “leves” in the name. FATEs are large purple bursts on the map. Then hunting logs track in “logs” under the menu.

Level 16-50

As soon as you get to level 16, do the Sattasha dungeon and Duty Roulette: Leveling. The Duty Roulette is helpful for every level below max. 

By far, the best way to level up after 16 is doing Palace of the Dead. The dungeon is a good way to get prizes, too.

If you get a group of 4 together, it’s worth going through the repetitive and sometimes frustrating tower. It can even be fun.

Guildhests also unlock at level 10, but they are not as useful as others. It’s worth running them through once per day, though.

Level 51-60

Once you get to level 50, you may begin doing Duty Roulette: Level 50/60/70/80, Alliance Raids, and Trials. All of these are ideal all the way up to level 90.

Do these every day with the class you want to level. Doing them outside of Duty Roulette is also helpful, but Roulettes give you much more experience.

Level 61-70

At level 60, Duty Roulette: Normal Raids unlock. So you should do the above Roulettes and add Normal Raids to the daily schedule.

Make sure you keep up with your class quest and MSQ. These will give you extra experience and ensure you have the best abilities for your level.

Also, check out Heaven-on-High in the Ruby Sea. It is just like the Palace of the Dead, only you start at a higher level.

Level 71-80

Things get tricky at level 70, so it’s best to stick with Duty Roulettes. FATEs and logs are still relevant, but there is no easy road to 80.

The Bozjan Southern Front is probably the most efficient method. It also is one of the best ways to make gil and earn unique rewards.

Level 81-90

Getting to 90 is not easy. Nothing changes in Roulettes; you may be caught up in the story, and you’re tired of leveling.

But it’s good practice to always do your dailies if you’re active and be okay with getting half an XP bar in one day.

How to Level Crafters and Gatherers

The methods for leveling crafters and gatherers are not as straightforward, and there are many paths.

Doing all of them ensures you level as fast as possible.


  • Buy Crafter’s Manual from Grand Company – it’s called the Engineering Manual and provides an XP boost for a limited time.
  • Isghardian Restoration Collectables – starts at the Firmament and requires you to turn in crafted collectables.
  • Custom Deliveries – multiple NPCs have weekly wants that you can track via the Custom Delivery menu.
  • Daily and Weekly Collectables these are different than Custom Deliveries and are available at Collectable Appraisers.
  • Levequests – simple quests available at any level that allow you to either craft or buy and turn in items for experience.
  • Beast tribe quests – certain beast tribes only associate with crafters.
  • Keep up with class quests – this unlocks new gear and abilities.


  • Buy Gatherer’s Manual from Grand Company – called Survival Manual and provides XP boost for a limited time.
  • The Diadem – located at the Firmament, the Diadem is a gatherer’s paradise that grants experience and unique currencies.
  • Custom Deliveries – works just like crafting ones.
  • Levequests – simple quests available at any level that allow you to either gather or buy and turn in items for experience.
  • Ocean Fishing – a duty that unlocks as a fisher early on that has up to 24 people go fishing together for rare finds and experience.
  • Beast Tribe quests – certain beast tribes only associate with gatherers.
  • Daily and Weekly Collectables – works like the crafting ones; only you gather items.
  • Keep up with class quests – new gear and abilities that prove useful.

Now you know how to level fast in FFXIV.

Do you have any “hacks” that help you level fast? Let me know in the comments!

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