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Soloing in FFXIV refers to doing duties alone that are meant for full parties. At level 90, it is possible to solo the majority of the game’s content. 

Of course, there are exceptions, even at low-level content. But with the right job, gear, and mindset, you may surprise yourself.

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At level 90, you can solo anything below level 70 with ease in Final Fantasy XIV. Content from level 70 to 90 is more difficult, but tanks still do well.

There’s not much preparation required for low-level content solo. But it’s important to unsync and equip your best gear for anything above 70.

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What Can You Solo at Level 90 in Final Fantasy XIV?

Not every duty in Final Fantasy XIV is possible to solo, no matter what your Warrior friend tells you.

But there is content that anyone can solo. So whether you’re a new healer who purchased a job skip or a seasoned Dancer, there is solo content for you.

Super Easy to Solo – 50 and below

As a level 90 job, anything below level 50 will take seconds to complete. It doesn’t matter which job you choose either because even a healer will one-shot these bosses.

Now, it’s super easy to farm ARR trial mounts alone. You can even get Nightmare solo by collecting the other horses.

Easy to Solo – 60 or below

Anything that is level 60 or lower is easy to solo with any level 90 job. It may take more than a few hits with healers, but you can still get the job done.

Once level 100 hits in Dawntrail, these will move up to super easy with a level 100 job. The entire list will likely follow suit and bump up one slot.

Medium to Solo – 70 or below

This is where things get a little tricky. Healers begin to struggle, and DPS are no longer invincible. There are also multiple pieces of content that require more than one player.

So, at this point, it depends on the specific content. Some are easy to solo, others are hard to solo.

Difficult to Solo – level 80 or below

Once you get to level 80 content, it’s very difficult for healers and certain DPS to solo content. It is possible, but no easy task.

A tank can still solo much of this content without a huge problem if they prepare. But it will take longer than if you do it with a team.

Impossible (or nearly) to Solo – level 90

Level 90 content is not meant for a level 90 player to solo. There is a certain setup that makes it possible, but it requires dedication and maxing out resources.

Dungeons take the longest but are typically the easiest to solo. Trials are the quickest but most difficult. But don’t expect to be able to solo any 90 content.

Team-Only Content

Select content can only be done by two or more people, and it has nothing to do with difficulty.

In these cases, there are mechanics that wipe the board unless multiple people collaborate.

Preparing to Solo

To make the most of your time and effort, it’s a good idea to prepare before you go barging into an extra trial on your own.

Gear Up

Ensure that you have repaired level 90 gear, including your weapon, via Master Recipes X, for example. It’s good practice to stay updated, even with level 90 gear.

There’s a 100 item-level gap per piece between the worst and the best level 90 gear. Even without the weapon, that’s over 1,000 item-level difference total. It’s also good practice to fully meld gear.


This is elementary as far as FFXIV tips go, but it’s worth mentioning. Ensure that you unsync before you enter a duty solo.

To unsync and enter the duty at level 90, go to Duty, then Settings. Finally, click on Level Sync and Unrestricted Party to ensure you can enter alone.

You have to uncheck Unrestricted Party first before Level Sync is available to change.

Choose a Tank

For anything below level 70, any class will do. You don’t even need a level 90. But the higher the content level, the more important class becomes.

Healers and DPS struggle at this point, but tanks thrive. Warrior is the best class to solo with, but any tank has the ability to survive.

Now you know what you can solo at level 90.

What is your proudest solo moment in FFXIV? Let me know in the comments!

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