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Materia is a unique and useful item in FFXIV. You use it to improve the stats of your weapons and armor significantly.

But materia melding, the process of enchanting weapons with materia, is not granted to you at the start of the game. You have to earn the right.

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To meld materia in FFXIV, right-click on the equipment you want to meld while the materia is in your inventory. This pops up the matiera melding menu. You must have a crafter that is the level of the equipment or higher. Alternatively, you can use a Materia Melder NPC.

To unlock materia melding, complete the Waking the Spirit quest in Central Thanalan with a level 19 or above job.

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How to Meld Materia in Final Fantasy XIV

To meld materia on your own in FFXIV, you have to complete a questline. But there is an easy yet more expensive option.

Materia Melder – NPC and Friends

There are NPC Materia Melders all over Eorzea. The easiest way to find one is to head to the marketboard, as there is always one nearby.

Your first melds will probably be via a Matiera Melder.

You can also ask a friend or FC member to meld materia for you. Just make sure you trust the person you’re dealing with.

To have another player meld for you, right-click them, then click “Request Meld.” They can either accept or ignore you.

How to Unlock Materia Melding

To unlock materia melding, you must complete the quest Waking the Spirit in Central Thanalan. But before you do that quest, Forging the Spirit is necessary.

This set of quests is super easy to complete, and the first one teaches you how to extract materia, another important activity.

How to Meld

After you unlock materia melding, make sure you have at least one crafter at least the level of the equipment you want to meld.

Once you do, get the materia in your inventory, then right-click the equipment. The process is simple with basic melding because there is a 100% success rate at first.

Once you open the melding page, the process is self-explanatory. There is even a success rate visible to you before you click “Meld.”

How to Get Materia

The quickest way to get materia is to buy it off the marketboard. You are also awarded a lot of materia by doing the MSQ.

Many special vendors that use unique currency offer materia too. The cheapest way to get materia is to craft it yourself.

Beyond the Basics of Materia Melding

Once you start melding basic materia, you may find yourself wanting more. You want more materia than one on each piece and perhaps even a fun way to get rid of excess material.

What is Advanced Materia Melding?

Advanced Materia Melding allows you to attach more materia than the slots available on a piece. But it does come with a cost.

To unlock Advanced Materia Melding, complete the Melding Materia Muchly quest in Central Thanalan. You need a level 25 class to complete it.

Once you do, you can attach more than one materia to one piece. But materia from the newest expansion has a lower chance of melding.

If you try to meld five materia into one piece, your chance of success is less than 50%. If you fail, you lose the material.

What is Materia Transmutation?

Materia Transmutation allows you to trade in any five materia for one random materia. This is similar to the Mystic Forge in GW2.

The Transmutation quest is called Marvelously Mutable Materia and requires the MSQ Life, Materia, and Everything.

Once you complete the two quests, talk to Mutamix Bubblypots in Central Thanalan. He allows you to RNG your way to rare material.

Now you know how to meld materia in FFXIV and improve your gear.

Have you had any huge materia mishaps or successes? Let me know in the comments!

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