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The in-game currency for Final Fantasy XIV is gil. Gil is a valuable coin that you use to buy stuff from NPCs, travel, and use the player marketboard.

Earning gil is not a straightforward task in FFXIV. NPCs don’t tell you how, and there is no gil tutorial.

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The fastest way to earn gil in FFXIV is through crafting and playing high-tier content. This content is only available to those with the prerequisites. Because of the limited pool of players, you can utilize what you earn from the content. Whether you’re reselling or crafting, it always pays off.

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Fastest Way to Earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

The fastest way to earn gil is to use the marketboard. Nothing else will grant you gil faster or in greater numbers than other players.

Most of the methods to earn gil end with selling on the marketboard. There are many ways to earn items to sell on the marketboard.

The Constants – These Always Sell Well in FFXIV

  • Matiera
  • Level 1 Glam
  • Mounts
  • Trial Weapons
  • Dyes
  • Accessories
  • Certain Minions
  • Relic Ingredients
  • Furniture

Earn Gil with Crafting

Crafting is one of the best ways to make gil in FFXIV. The problem is that specific guides that go viral crash the market.

These guides tell you exactly what to make and how to get to the point you can make it. A better way to keep a steady gil income is to use a few rules of thumb.

Keep Up with the Patches

Most crafters make a good chunk of their gil by preparing for patches. As soon as they see what is in the upcoming patch, they craft accordingly.

Certain items will be more valuable after a patch comes out. These items could be ingredients for upcoming gear or something others may not notice is related.

There is also an early access window for expansions. If you craft and sell the items in that window, you can make an insane profit because people without early access can buy the items on the marketboard.

Be Selective on What You Buy, Earn, and Craft

Some ingredients for crafting items are best to buy. Others will significantly decrease your profits.

Plan out your craft by ensuring you know which items to buy, to earn organically, and to craft from scratch.

Buy Books

The Master Recipes grant you items that few crafters have. You can buy them from Scrip merchants after you reach certain milestones with said crafter.

For example, take a look at the Chocobo Pajama set you learn from the Master Weaver X tome. A master Weaver can make this in a day, and a full set sells for a few million gil.

Earn Gil with Other Currencies

Gil is one of the many currencies in FFXIV. Though it is the primary currency, others help you earn gil if spent right.

GC Seals

Grand Company Seals are a currency you earn from your Grand Company. There are a few options for making gil with GC Seals.

The primary way is to buy ingredients. Relic ingredients or random ingredients with a high market value are good.

Make sure you check the market before buying. The FFXIV market is ever-changing and difficult to keep up with.


Most of the time, you should save your tomestones for personal use. But there are cases when the low-tier tomestones, Allagan, seem to overrun your inventory.

If you already have the gear you need, relic ingredients and materia are good choices in terms of gil turnaround.


Seafarer’s Cowries is the Island Sanctuary currency. There are only a few item types in the Cowry shop that you can resell.

Stick to the materia and dyes to make the most gil. Other items won’t hold their value or are unavailable for resale.

Beast Tribe

Each beast tribe has its own currency. They also each have their own set of items, so there is no rule of thumb here.

Take a look at the items available to you and check the market board for anything that has a resale value.

Faux Hollows

Faux Leaves is a currency you can only get twice per week. They are a reward for completing Zhloe’s weekly trial.

The trial is unreal and extremely difficult. The best items to buy with Faux Leaves are usually mounts, but it’s a good idea to check the prices before making the purchase.

Skybuilders’ Scrips

Skybuilders’ Scrips are a currency you earn in the Firmament. Crafting Collectables is the number one way yo stack them up.

You can buy an array of valuable items with Skybuilder’s Scrips. Mounts, glamour, and dyes are a few of the most prized.

Allied Seals

Allied Seals are a hunt currency. Most Allied Seal items are not sellable. But the ingredients from Hunt Billmaster’s shop are.

The best ingredients to buy are the Relic weapon materials. Keep an eye on the marketboard for the single best items at the time of purchase.

Misc Gil Making Methods

Other methods to making gil in Final Fantasy XIV don’t fit into the above categories. But that doesn’t mean they’re any less lucrative.


Treasure maps are a unique item in FFXIV. The newest maps are usually the best value, but anything in the last few is worth your time.

You can buy the maps on the marketboard or earn them. Either way, open them up afterward to reveal a hidden treasure.

All treasures give rewards, but whether they have a portal or not is random. Portals lead you to a realm that gives you the chance to collect rare items.

Dailies and Weeklies

Many daily and weekly duties grant set gil bonuses. Check your duty log to see what is available each day and week.

Perhaps the most lucrative weekly event is Khloe’s Wondrous Tails. Once you make it to Idyllshire, talk to tiny Miqo’te Khloe, who gives you a bingo-like game to complete each week.

Quick Ventures

Quick Ventures from your retainer are not a surefire way to earn gil, but they do have possibilities.

Each venture cost 2 Venture tokens. You can send each retainer out on an hourly basis, and they will bring you back items. Some of these items are rare and valuable.

Bozja, Eureka, Etc.

Adventuring Forays are unique experiences in FFXIV. Bozjan Southern Front and Eureka are the primary forays.

The areas are instances set apart from the rest of the game. Inside, you have special abilities and do FATEs to get rare items and a unique currency.

The items you earn are worth a lot of gil. People who rank up in forays tend to be top-tier money-makers.

Doman Enclave

Doman Enclave allows you to make a great gil turnaround, but it does require an investment. You won’t make bank for a few weeks.

There is a limit to how much you can make with the Doman Enclave restoration, but it is worth it.

To start making gil, you need to donate to the cause. After a while, you get a certain percentage (above 100%) back, which means whatever you donate, you get a greater gil value back each week.

Earn Gil by Going to Venues

Not many people know about this method, but there are two ways to earn. One is like a lottery, and the other is like an in-game job.

Venues in FFXIV are player-ran clubs that you can go to when they are up and running. Each venue is different.

Some are coffee shops that hire people a certain amount of gil per hour to roleplay. Others hire people to dance for hours to entertain guests or greet players.

Though the above options are consistent pay (usually around 50,000 gil per hour), the other method gives bigger amounts at a time.

Many of these venues have giveaways. Some are Discord giveaways, while others are in-game giveaways.

They have sweepstakes for minions and mounts as well as free-entry giveaways for up to 100 million gil. Some even have live Twitch DJs.

The best way to find these events is through Party Finder in the other tab or through a tool like FFXIV Venues.

Now you know how to make gil in FFXIV. Having trouble with any of the methods I mentioned?

Let me know in the comments! I’d be happy to share the hottest venues that suit your needs!

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