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Melding in FFXIV is a good way to improve your gear. Overmelding refers to melding materia into gear beyond the “allowed” amount.

Are you ready to take your gear to the next level? Here is how to overmeld in the game.

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To overmeld in FFXIV, right-click on a gear piece, then go to Meld. From there, keep melding until you reach a number beyond the allotted slots. Before you overmeld, you have to unlock it by going to Central Thanalan. Talk to Swynbroes to unlock the feature.

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How to Overmeld Materia in Final Fantasy XIV

Overmelding is called Advanced Materia Melding in FFXIV. It is a feature that allows you to put up to five materia into one piece of gear.

To overmeld, all you have to do is go through the normal melding process. Then, keep going after you’ve filled all the slots.

Why Overmeld?

Pentamelding is a term in FFXIV for melding five pieces of materia onto one piece of gear. The process optimizes the gear.

If you choose the right materia, your full set of gear can be significantly better. This comes in handy late game.

Unlock Overmeld in FFXIV

To unlock overmelding, you have to be level 19. Later on, you must also use a crafter, but the first quest has no such requirement.

Forging the Spirit

  • Location – Central Thanalan (X:23.9, Y:13.7)
  • Level – 19
  • NPC – Swynbroes
  • Reward – Grade 1 Dark Matter and Materia Extraction

The quest teaches you how to extract materia from gear. It’s an important, though not necessary, action in FFXIV.

Waking the Spirit

  • Location – Central Thanalan (X:23.5, Y:13.9)
  • Level – 10 Disciple of the Hand
  • NPC – F’hobhas
  • Reward – Materia Melding

Waking the Spirit teaches you how to meld materia. You have to meld materia during the quest as any crafter.

Melding Materia Muchly

  • Location – Central Thanalan (X:23.7, Y:13.6)
  • Level – 25
  • NPC – Mutamix Bubblypots
  • Reward – Advanced Materia Melding

During Melding Materia Muchly, you have to meld eight materia on the same piece of gear. However, this is not overmelding.

Because during the quest, you meld one materia and then extract it. You repeat this eight times to complete the quest.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to use low-tier materia. That way, you have a 100% success rate and move through the quest with ease.

Overmelding Chances of Success

There used to be a set success rate for overmelding in FFXIV. All that mattered was how many materia over the available slots.

Now, it’s much more complex. The range is anywhere from 5% to 90% after the slots are filled.

But there are a few things that affect the chance of success.

  • Tier of materia – Materia I is the easiest
  • Level of craftsman – the higher, the better
  • Level of gear – the higher, the harder
  • How many materia is on it – the more materia, the harder

Is Overmelding Worth It?

It’s not necessary to overmeld every piece of gear in FFXIV. But if you are crafting or doing high-end content, it’s worth it.

Now you know how to overmeld in FFXIV!

Have you had any luck pentamelding? Let me know in the comments!

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