FFXIV – Desynthesis Guide: How to Desynth Items

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FFXIV is full of unique ways to improve, such as desynthesizing, which has its own leveling system.

The system allows you to break down items to acquire new materials and works alongside crafting classes.

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To desynth in FFXIV, right-click an item and choose desynthesis. You must first unlock the action by completing a level 30 quest.

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What Is Desynthesis in Final Fantasy XIV?

Desynthesis is an action in FFXIV. It is a way to deconstruct items and turn them into materials. It is a way to get rid of old items while leveling an action.

Desynthesizing in FFXIV is a good way to get rare materials, which you can sell or use to craft even rarer items.

Where to Unlock Desynthesis

To unlock Desynthesis, reach level 30 with a crafter in FFXIV. Then head to Ul’dah and find the quest Gone to Pieces.

The quest walks you through your first desynthesis, but before you can see it, you must complete the MSQ Life, Materia, and Everything.

Unlike other quests, there is no questline for this. You just do the one quest to unlock the action because there is no upgrade or alternative.

How to Desynth Items in Final Fantasy XIV

To desynth an item in FFXIV, right-click and see if there is an option to do so, as not all items are desynthesizable.

Once you find “Desynthesis,” a menu will pop up and allow you to carry on or cancel once you see your chance of success.

You can also see which class will desynth the item and which will level up once you successfully desynth it.

If you fail the resynthesis, you will lose the item. If you succeed, you will also lose the item but gain materials.

That’s why you should start out by practicing and leveling with “useless” items that you don’t want.

How It Works

Each crafting class has its own desynth level in FFXIV. You must level each separately to improve the skill.

Once you reach level 30, you are level 1 desynth with that crafting class. From there, you can only level it by desynthing items with it.

You don’t have to be that class to desynthesize with it because the item is what controls which class levels when you desynthesize.

How to Boost Desynthesis

  • Bacon Broth- Desynthesis Skill Gain +10 / HQ +20
  • Tinkers Calm -Desynthesis Skill Gain +30 / HQ +40

Eating these foods will make you better at desynthesis and improve your chances of success for 30 minutes. It’s a good idea to eat them right before you start.

Now you know how to desynth in Final Fantasy XIV and why you should do it!

What is your rarest desynth find? Let me know in the comments!

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