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Gear in FFXIV consists of your armor and weapons. It’s important to upgrade these very five to ten levels early on.

After about level 70-80, it’s best to upgrade them even sooner. Because there are so many classes and types of armor, it’s difficult to find where to get upgraded gear.

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You can buy gear in FFXIV from the marketboard, with Tomestomes, or an array of other methods. The best options are Tomestones, high-end raids, and the Scrip Exchange for crafters/gatherers.

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Where Can You Buy Gear in Final Fantasy XIV?

You can buy gear with many different currencies in FFXIV. The best value gear is purchased with Allagan Tomestones.

Never let these cap because they are the most versatile currency in the game. If you are out, then check out these other methods to get gear in FFXIV.

Job Quest

The best, cheapest place to get gear before level 50 is your job quest. The gear isn’t great once you’re level 80 or so, but as long as there are job quests, then do them.


MSQ gives decent gear that gives you good enough item levels to enter the story duties. The story gives you coffers you can open for the class that you are in when you open it.


The hunts from each expansion grant you currency that you can use to buy unique items. Much of that list of items is gear.

The Hunt Billmaster at your Grand Company offers gear in exchange for Allied Seals. Xylle in the Crystaium offers decent level 80 gear for Sacks of Nuts.


Some of the best gear from levels 50-90 is from Allagan Tomestones. The Allagan Tomestone of Poetics is the best way to get gear from 50 to 80.

Talk to  Auriana in Mor Dhona if you’re level 50,  Hismena in Idyllshire if you’re level 60, and  Enna in Rhalgr’s Reach if you’re level 70.

Level 80 players can talk to Aymark in Eulmore. Finally, level 90 players should collect Allagan Tomestones of Causality and then talk to Cihanti in Radz-at-Han.

This gear can be upgraded by speaking to another NPC at the same location.


Trials are a good way to get unique weapons that look amazing. Collect the totems (sometimes named differently) and exchange them for weapons at certain vendors.

You can also have a chance to get the weapon by playing and rolling after the trial is complete.

Some trials drop materials you can use to craft a better version of the weapons that have special visual effects.


Dungeon gear will never be the best, but before level 50, it’s a passive way to keep your low levels protected.

All you have to do is play through the dungeons and roll for gear. Make sure to pay attention to the class that can wear the gear.


Raids have very unique and highly coveted gear. The basic raid gear does not have the best stats, but Savage and Ultimate raids do.

Even Alliance Raids have a chance to drop decent gear. But your best pet is Savage Raids, which also drop unique currencies you can exchange for what is usually the best gear in the game.

Crafting And Marketboard

There are multiple sets of armor you can craft – usually one of the higher-tier sets. You can easily rely on the marketboard if you have the gil.
For example, the level 90 Diadochos Armor will allow you to enter all content except the highest tier Savage duties.

Scrip Exchange

Scrip Exchange is the best way to gear your crafters and gatherers. You can earn scrips by doing collectibles with these classes.


PvP gear is the rarest gear in the game because of the lack of players in PvP. You can buy some gear by earning basic Wolf Marks.

But other gear is only given to those that reach certain ranks in PvP each season. These ranks grant you Trophy Crystals to buy this rare gear.

Is Buying Gear From Vendors Worth It?

Yes, basic vendor gear is worth it for the first 50 levels. Other “vendor” gear is only worth it once you can use other currency – not gil – to purchase it.

There aren’t many options to buy gear with gil other than the marketboard. So make sure you save your currencies for what you really need.

Now you know where to buy gear in Final Fantasy XIV!

What’s your favorite gearset in the game? Let me know in the comments!

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