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Heavensward is the first expansion after A Realm Reborn in FFXIV. It was a huge deal when it came out in 2015.

Along with Heavensward came deep dungeons, a new region, and classes of Dark Knight, Machinist, and Astrologian. But many people struggled – and still do – with starting Heavensward.

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To start Heavensward in FFXIV, talk to the guard in Coerthas Central Highlands, who will send you to NPCs you know to take you to Ishgard.

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How to Start Heavensward in Final Fantasy XIV

To start Heavensward in FFXIV, buy the expansion, then continue along the MSQ.

You also need to be at a certain level and complete a long series of unexpected quests.

Level 50

First things first, you must be level 50 with a Disciple of War or Magic to start Heavensward. But that alone is not enough.

Complete ARR

This one is a given, but it’s necessary to complete A Realm Reborn before even accessing Heavenward.

The last A Realm Reborn (non-post) quest is The Ultimate Weapon. Complete this quest, which includes a boss fight, to continue.

Complete Post-ARR

The Post-ARR questline is another cause of confusion because after you complete A Realm Reborn, you still have about 80 quests before you can unlock Heavensward.

The first post-ARR quest is The Price of Principles in The Waking Sands. This is where you should return to many times during these quests.

You know you are done when you complete Before the Dawn. Completing this quest unlocks Heavensward and a lot of new blue quests.

The First Quest

The first Heavensward quest is called Coming to Isghard. It’s a bit difficult to find, hence the confusion.

To get to the quest, you have to reach the intercessory, a small room that houses the Heavensward quest.

Talk to the House Fortemps guard in Coerthas Central Highlands, who gives you access to the intercessory.

How Long is Heavensward?

The average time it takes to complete the MSQ of Heavensward is around 65 hours. If you want to do the extra content, expect to spend at least 100 hours.

Completionists take over 300 hours to complete Heavensweard alone, which includes doing all dungeons and getting all achievements.

Of course, every player is different, but the voiced cutscenes alone for Heavensward are five hours, which doesn’t include the interactive or unvoiced cutscenes.

How Do You Buy Heavensward?

Heavensward is now included in the Starter Edition of FFXIV. This includes Stormblood as well, the expansion after Heavensward.

To play anything after that, you must upgrade your edition. The FFXIV product page gives more info and helps you choose a package.

Now you know how to start Heavensward in Final Fantasy XIV!

What do you look forward to most in Heavensward? Let me know in the comments!

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