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Gathering and crafting are a major part of FFXIV. One unique thing about these Disciple of the Land and Hand classes is that they have special currencies.

There are Purple and White Scrips you can earn with Crafters and Gatherers. These scrips allow you to purchase unique items.

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To get Purple and White Scrips in Final Fantasy XIV, you can do weekly Custom Deliveries or standard Collectables. Custom Deliveries are limited, while Collectables are farmable.

To access Custom Deliveries and Collectables, you must start the questline with Inscrutable Tastes, then talk to select NPCs or Collectable Appraisers. These NPCs tell you what to make to receive the reward of Scrips, Gil, and Experience.

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What Are White and Purple Scrips?

To start getting White and Purple Scrips in Final Fantasy FFXIV, you have to start the questline with Inscrutable Tastes.

Each quest in this questline unlocks more content for scrips and collectables. Once you reach the quest Go West, Craftsman, you can get to work.

Crafters’ Vs. Gatherers’ Scrips

The difference between Crafters’ and Gatherers’ Scrips is fairly straightforward. One is for crafters, and the other is for gatherers.

But in your inventory and in quests, there is an easy way to tell which is which despite them being the same color. Crafter Scrips are hexagonal, and Gatherer Scrips are square.

White Vs. Purple Scrips

White Scrips and Purple Scrips are both unique currencies. The only real difference is that Purple Scrips are rarer and more valuable.

Purple Scrips allow you to buy some of the best gear in the game. Farming them is always worth it. But you can’t do so until you have a max-level gatherer or crafter.

What are Blue, Red, and Yellow Scrips?

Blue, red, and yellow scrips are all discontinued. They worked just like white and purple variations.

Blue and red scrips are no longer exchangeable in any way. But you can still exchange yellow scrubs for white scrips.

How to Get White Crafters’ and Gatherers’ Scrips in FFXIV

There are two ways to get white crafters’ and gatherers’ scrips. The first is Custom Deliveries, which has a weekly allotment of 12 deliveries and only three per NPC.

Each NPC needs to be unlocked separately with a unique questline. The process is straightforward after you unlock them.

Note: The higher the quality of the Collectable, the more scrips you get. However, there is a cap on quality, and anything above the highest tier does not give you extra scrips.

Via Custom Deliveries

For White Crafters’ Scrips, you must check what each NPC wants and then craft it. The items are exclusively for Custom Deliveries.

Head to your crafting log and go to Collectables, or right-click on the Custom Delivery, and it will take you there.

The process to get Gatherers’ Scrips is a little different. The easiest way is to talk to the NPC or check your Custom Delivery log.

Then, right-click on the delivery you want to make. From there, you can find the approximate location of what you need to gather.

Gathering Collectables is super easy because if you know where to go, all you have to do is gather. The abilities you use to gather Collectables are also different but easy to figure out.

The more deliveries you do for an NPC, the better deliveries they give you. That’s why focusing on select NPCs is a good idea.

Via Standard Collectables

Standard Collectables are quite different than Custom Deliveries, even though Custom Deliveries require Collectables. The ones done through Custom Deliveries are unique and limited.

Standard Collectables require you to head to any Collectable Appraiser. Talk to the NPC and see a long list of what they want.

This is a better way to farm scrips because it is far less limited and offers a lot of options for White Scrips.

How to Get Purple Crafters’ and Gatherers’ Scrips in FFXIV

The process for getting Purple Scrips is exactly the same as getting white ones. You collect some of each for the deliveries you make.

The limit of 12 (and 3 per NPC) is still there. Because Purple Scrips are so valuable, it’s important to prioritize high-level NPCs (the ones in high-level areas.)

Remember that you can check the status of Custom Deliveries anytime by going to Timers and clicking on the NPC you want to track.

Though Custom Deliveries is good for leveling and getting a handful of Purple Scrips each week, there is a more consistent way.

The Rarified Collectibles that you exchange for Scrips and XP via the Collectable Appraiser is an amazing way to level and get scrips.

Only the level 90 items (or 100 when that becomes the cap) will give you Purple Scrips. All of the other turn-ins give White Scrips.

Collectable Appraiser Locations

  • Limsa Lominsa – Hawkers’ Alley
  • Gridania – Leatherworkers’ Guild
  • Ul’dah – Sapphire Avenue Exchange)
  • Mor Dhona – 22-7
  • Idyllshire – 6-7
  • Rhalgr’s Reach – 10-12
  • Eulmore – 12-11
  • Radz-at-Han -12-10

Custom Delivery Locations and Info

NPCLocationQuestLevelRequired QuestRequired MSQQuest StarterRelated Titles
Zhloe AliapohIdyllshireArms Wide Open60Go West, CraftsmanA Great New NationGeimlonaZhloe’s Friend and Zhloe’s Best Friend
M’naagoRhalgr’s ReachNone Forgotten, None Forsaken60Reach Long and ProsperReturn of the BullGalienaNaago’s Friend and Naago’s Partner
KurenaiKuganeThe Seaweed Is Always Greener62None Forgotten, None Forsaken (and Kurenai’s Questline)Forever and Ever ApartKojin HirelingKurenai’s Best friend and Kurenai’s Partner
AdkiraghIdyllshireBetween a Rock and the Hard Place66Arms Wide Open and Purbol RainStormbloodGeimlonaLittle Piggy and Tough Customer
Kai-ShirrEulmoreOh, Beehive Yourself70The Boutique Always WinsMoving ForwardKai-ShirrKai-Shirr’s Best mate and Honeybee
Ehll TouThe FirmamentO Crafter, My Crafter70Firmament and Isghardian Restoration QuestsLitany of PeaceFoncrineauA Dragon’s Best Friend and Tinker Tutor
CharlemendThe FirmamentYou Can Count on It70Smiles Cross the Sky and The Brume LiftsXMauriletteCharlemend’s Angel and Lifesaver
AmelianceOf Mothers and MerchantsOld Sharlayan80Just Go West, CraftsmanEndwalkerWell-dressed AttendantAmie d’Améliance and Academic Advocate
AndenThat’s So AndenThe Crystarium80Just Go West, CraftsmanEndwalkerSupplicant SheepLeaf Whisperer and Man-maker

Now you know how to get white and purple scrips in FFXIV.

What Collectables are you farming, and who is your favorite Custom Delivery NPC? Let me know in the comments!

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