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Allagan Tomestones of Poetics are a currency in FFXIV you get from doing duties. Earn them from any duty you take on with a character that isn’t max level.

Once you earn Poetics, it’s a good idea not to let them cap. If you do, you risk losing a lot of currency.

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You can spend Allagan Tomestones of Poetics in FFXIV at Mor Dhona, Idyllshire, Rhalgr’s Reach, or Eulmore. The vendor names are Auriana, Hismena, Enna, and Aymark, respectively. To reach them, finish the MSQ for the region.

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Where Can You Spend Allagan Tomestones of Poetics in Final Fantasy XIV?

There are two primary ways to spend Allagan Tomestones of Poetics in FFXIV. Each expansion from ARR to Shadowbringers has a unique vendor.

These vendors tend to reside in major locations and unlock after you complete a certain MSQ. But there are also separate vendors, usually with the name Rowena’s Representative.

These vendors accept Allagan Tomestoned of Poetics for at least some of their items.

All Allagan Tomestone vendors have Minions, Orchestrion Scrolls, and Ingredients to buy. For a better list of these, check out what to spend poetics on.

Auriana in Mor Dhona

  • Level 50 Augmented Gear
  • Mysterious Map (Novus Zodiac Weapon item)

The first Allagan Tomestone vendor you unlock is in Mor Dhona. Her name is Auriana, and she’s located at the top of the hill in a tent.

To get to Mor Dhona, the best path is the southwest exit of Coerthas. The MSQ takes you here as Revenant’s Toll is an important location in the story.

Sundry Splendors

Each of the main ARR cities has another vendor that you can use Allagan Tomestones on. However, you also must have unique items.

To unlock most of what they have to offer, you must complete The Ultimate Weapon MSQ, which ends A Realm Reborn.

Hismena in Idyllshire

  • Level 60 Augmented Gear
  • Materia

Hismena in FFXIV is only available after you complete the level 58 quest, A Great New Nation. As soon as you get to Idllshire, you can talk to her.

To find her, you need to go inside the central building. She is located next to Bertana in the center of the bar in the same room as Rowena herself.

Rowena’s Representative in Heavensward

Rowena’s Representative (Sundry Splendors) is at the Foundation in Heavensward. To buy from her, you must complete the quest titled Heavensward.

Again, with this Rowena’s Representative, you must collect certain drops for trials and more. Only then can you purchase anything in her inventory.

Enna in Rhalgr’s Reach

  • Level 70 Dai-ryumyaku Gear
  • Level 70 Augmented Gear

Enna is the Tomestone Exchange in Stormblood. In fact, you have to complete the Stormblood quest to access her inventory.

Once you complete it, you can find her in the isolated town of Rhalgr’s Reach. To reach her, head to the east end of the city and enter the hallway. She is very near the northeast exit.

Rowena’s Representative

The Sundry Splendor in Stormblood is in Kugane. But the biggest change is that most of her inventory is available only through trial, raid, or even crafter/gatherer drops.

Before Stormblood, Rowena’s Representative’s inventory had a combo with Allagan Tomestones. To access this one, just complete Stormblood.

Aymark in Eulmore 

  • Level 80 Augmented Gear

Aymark is in Eulmore where you spend much of your time during Shadowbringers. To unlock him, all you have to do is complete the quest titled Shadowbringers.

To locate Aymark in the confusing city of Eulmore, head to the southwest right after teleporting. He is in line with other merchants.

Mowen’s Merchant

Mowen’s Merchant is the Sundry Splendors vendor in The Crystarium. She follows the same trend that the Stormblood version does, not relying on the Allagan Tomestones.

Level 90 Allagan Tomestone Gear

As of right now, there is nothing you can buy for level 90 characters with Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. But that may change.

As Dawnbringers is released, level 100 gear will come with it. When this happens, there’s a good chance the level 90 gear will have different rules.

There may be a new Allagan Tomestone of Poetics vendor unless they come up with a new currency for level 100 gear. 

If that is the case, they may keep Causality for level 90 gear. But we won’t know that until 2024.

Now you know where to spend Allagan Tomestones of Poetics.

What do you spend your Poetics on in FFXIV? Let me know in the comments!

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