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The Firmament is a crafter and gatherer paradise.

It allows you to level these disciples and get unique prizes, such as some of the best glam in the game.

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To get to the Firmament for the first time in FFXIV, complete Litany of Peace MSQ and then go to the Foundation, where you will find the Towards the Firmament quest on a bulletin. After the first time, the best way to get to the Firmament is to head to the Foundation. From there, interact with the large aetheryte and click “Travel to the Firmament”.

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How to Get to the Firmament in Final Fantasy XIV

Getting to the Firmament is far from intuitive. Part of the reason it’s challenging to get there is because there are multiple methods you may hear from different sources.

Not to mention, there is little to no direction from NPCs or in-game pop-ups. This is a lot like swimming, which does not have the best tutorial.

Manual Method

The manual method to reach the Firmament is what most people do the first few times, and that’s fine. To start, walk to the bottom right corner of the Foundation.

There is an alley underneath the city that has an NPC named Thomelin. He’s around 14-12, and talking to him takes you to the Firmament after you complete the questline.

The Easiest Way to Get to the Firmament

The easiest way to get to the Firmament requires you to teleport to the Foundation. You can find the Foundation under Coerthas when choosing a teleport location.

Once you get there, interact with the large aetheryte right in front of you. Choose the option “Travel to the Firmament.” It’s as simple as that.

How to Get to the Firmament the First Time

The first time you go to the Firmament, it’s easy to find because an NPC takes you there. But starting that quest is not exactly posted in front of you.

Well, it technically is posted on a board, but it’s easy to miss when there are so many other things to do.

Towards the Firmament Questline

The Towards the Firmament quest begins the Isghardian Restoration questline. Pick it up once you complete the MSQ Litany of Peace after Heavensward.

As long as you complete that quest and are level 60, you can head to the Foundation and find the quest Towards the Firmament.

Once you do, do the A Home in the Firmament quest next and follow that questline to the end. It’s not a quick questline because there are parts you can’t skip, but it’s worth it.

As soon as you finish the second quest, you gain access to the Firmament and can teleport there from the Foundation.

Skysteel Tools Questline

The Towards the Firmament quest unlocks a new questline that unlocks a new set of tools. The tools are great, but try not to get distracted.

Ignore the Mislaid Plans quest for now if you prefer to gain access to everything the Firmament offers first. Then, come back to unlock the relic tools.

Now you know how to get to the Firmament, where there is so much room for activities.

What’s your favorite thing to do there? Let me know in the comments.

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