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Veteran players often forget how to dive in FFXIV because there are long spans in the story when it’s not a requirement. So don’t feel bad if you don’t remember how to dive from time to time.

Before you can dive, you have to reach the Stormblood MSQ “In Soroban We Trust”. Completing this quest teaches you how to dive.

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To dive in FFXIV, press CTRL, then the spacebar on PC. On PlayStation, press the circle button. On Xbox, press B to dive. You must be in diveable water to dive in FFXIV.

If none of these work, you probably have the key mapped from default. Go to your Control Settings and check what “Descend” is set to.

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How to Dive Underwater in FFXIV

You cannot drown in FFXIV, so you can swim around as long as you want without worrying about a gauge. This is a warm respite in this MMO.

Here is how to dive underwater in the game.

Unlock Diving

To unlock diving in FFXIV, you have to complete the Stormblood quest “In Soroban We Trust”. It is a level 63 quest in the Ruby Sea.

The quest to dive after you visit the underwater city of Tamamizu (a city of Kojin, aka Ninja Turtles).

The city is an air pocket under a dome that you need to reach later on by diving underwater.

“In Soroban We Trust” also gives you the emote “Water Flip”, which allows you to do cool flips underwater. To use it, type /waterflip in chat.

The quest is easy and only involves talking to a couple of NPCs and watching a cutscene. There is a short tutorial on how to dive after it, but it’s easy to miss.

Underwater Tips

  • Mount Up – Mounting underwater is faster than swimming without a mount. You can even go from flying to swimming. However, only areas that you have flying unlocked allow mounts to swim.
  • Sprint – Sprinting underwater changes your swimming style. It’s faster than not sprinting but slower than mounting.
  • No Combat – There is no combat underwater. So, all the fish you see are for your viewing pleasure.
  • Gather and Explore – Underwater areas have unique items you can gather. Get your gathering tools out to find them.

What Water Can You Dive Under?

In general, large, deep bodies of water are diveable. But that doesn’t mean you can dive in any large body of water.

There isn’t a great way to tell which waters you can dive in without trying them.

Few areas in A Realm Reborn allow you to dive. Even Heavensward is quite limited when it comes to diveable waters. Diving pools are semi-limited to Stormblood and beyond.

Now you know how to dive underwater in FFXIV.

Do you have a favorite body of water to explore? Let me know in the comments!

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