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High ping is every gamer’s nightmare, and FFXIV is no exception. Ping creates lag, which creates delays, which causes game losses.

The last thing any FFXIV player wants is to lose due to lag, especially if it gets you reported due to disconnects.

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To check your ping in FFXIV, open ARR Status to find your server’s IP Address, then go to Comand Prompt on your PC and type ping [ip address].

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How to Check Ping in Final Fantasy XIV

To check ping in FFXIV, open a site called ARR Status. This is how you will find the IP address necessary to check your ping.

Via ARRstatus

Go to ARR Status and find your server. The Data Center matters more because the servers share an IP address. 

You can use the top navigation to unhighlight everything except your region and Data Center. That filters the results, making it easier to find yours.

Then, open Command Prompt on your PC, which you can do by searching it in your Windows search bar. 

Type “ping [ip address]” using the IP you found via ARR Status. Press enter, and you will be given a number – that number is your ping for FFXIV.

Third-Party Ping Overlay

Because third-party apps are technically against ToS, there won’t be any links to specific options.

There are, however, multiple choices that you can download at your own risk that let you see your ping at all times.

Ping Vs. FPS

You may be surprised at how many FFXIV players don’t know the difference between FPS and Ping – but it’s okay if you don’t.

Ping is a basic internet test that lets you know your internet speed at any given time. This is what causes lag or a delay in processes.

FPS stands for frames per second (also a first-person shooter) and has nothing to do with the internet and everything to do with your PC.

If your FPS is high, that’s good. If your Ping is high, that’s bad. To improve your FPS, you need to improve your PC, not your internet.

How to Lower Ping

  • Change Settings – lowering graphics is an easy way to improve performance by requiring less out of your PC and your internet.
  • Close Everything – even if it’s not doing anything, close anything that isn’t being used because it may be requiring internet.
  • Third-Party – there are apps like Leatrix Latency that improve your performance by optimizing your PC.
  • Change Servers – loaded servers, especially those not near your home country, may have a high ping for you.
  • Change Locations In-Game – areas like Limsa require a lot of your PC and your internet. Improve your ping and FPS by only using these crowded areas when necessary.
  • Use An Ethernet Cable – an ethernet cable is the fastest way to improve your internet and ping.
  • Upgrade Your Internet – call your ISP if your ping isn’t improving. An upgrade may be the only thing that can lower your ping in FFXIV.

Now you know how to check ping in Final Fantasy XIV!

What is your ping setting at, and does it ever get high? Let me know in the comments!

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