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The UI in FFXIV has a lot of options to choose from. You can keep it simple with nothing but hotbars or make a special UI for barhopping.

Other times, you may not want a UI at all. In FFXIV, it’s entirely possible to hide the UI.

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To hide UI in FFXIV, press Screen Lock. This is LB on controller and Back on gamepad. To customize UI, press ESC, then go to HUD Layout. This allows you to change where UI items are and which ones appear.

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How to Hide UI in Final Fantasy XIV

UI stands for User Interface in FFXIV. The UI includes your hotbars, chat, and anything else that overlays the screen.

To remove UI in FFXIV, there are a few options. Some involve one click, while others require you to change your settings.

There are many reasons to hide UI, such as an annoying crowd with names crowding the quest NPC. However, holding X takes care of this.

One-Click Remove UI

  • Screen Lock
  • LB
  • Back

The easiest way to remove all UI is to click Screen Lock. On controller, this is LB, and on gamepad, it’s Back.

Clicking this removes the entire UI, so it’s not ideal for all situations. But it works for many situations.  

Other Methods to Remove UI

There are other ways to remove UI that are customizable. These methods make it easy to get the UI you want.

Custom One-Click Hide UI

To change the keybind for the one-click hidden UI, go to. System Configuration. Then, go to Keybind.

From there, change the key that is linked to Toggle Display. Click on the Toggle Display key and then click the key you want to bind to it.

Custom UI Setup

To customize what shows up on your UI, go to Menu (Esc). From there, head to HUD Layout.

There are four presets that you can customize. Once you do, you can change the UI at any time.

This is useful if you have different setups you want at different times. For example, one for venues, one for screenshots, and one for dungeons.

Best Screenshots without UI

The best UI setting for screenshots is to use Gpose. In Gpose, there is no UI, and you can change the lighting, emotes you use, and more.

If you haven’t used Gpose before, just type /gpose in chat. This pops it up and opens a whole new world of amazing screenshots.

UI Settings

There are specific UI settings under Character Configuration. Once there, go to UI Settings, where you can change what shows up with UI.

Now you know how to hide UI in FFXIV!

What’s your number one reason for hiding UI? Let me know in the comments!

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