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Chocobo colors are a fun way to switch things up in FFXIV. They show up when you’re riding them as a mount or if you’re keeping them out as a fighting companion.

Do you want to change the color of your Chocobo? You’ve come to the right place.

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To change your Chocobo color in FFXIV, place them in the Chocobo Stables, feed them Chocobo fruits, and wait six hours to see a change, then feed them again if the color isn’t what you want.

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How to Change Chocobo Color in Final Fantasy XIV

All you need to change the color of your chocobo in FFXIV is fruit and a stable. Then, there is no color that your Chocobo can’t be.

Where to Change Chocobo Color in FFXIV

To change the color of your Chocobo, you must visit a stable. The only way to visit stables is to go to a housing district.

You can do this at your Free Company stables or at your house if you buy a Chocobo Stables from the marketboard or Housing Merchant.

The Process of Changing Chocobo Color

The first thing you do is head to the stables and stable your chocobo. Make sure you also have Chocobo food (below) in your inventory.

Then, interact with the stable, go to “Tend Your Chocobo” and click on “Feed.”

To change the color of your chocobo, you must feed it (as many fruits as you want). Then, wait six hours to see a color difference.

Feed it another fruit(s) to adjust the color. Keep doing this until you reach the desired color.

How to Check the Color of Your Chocobo

You can see the name of the color of your Chocobo by popping up its menu. Go to your Companion’s Appearance menu and see what it says under “Current Color.”

That’s a good way to check if you have reached the desired color and it’s not what you thought it would be.

Chocobo Base Colors

These are all the base colors for Chocobo in FFXIV that each fruit gives:

Xelphatol AppleDeepens the red hues of chocobo feathers.
Doman PlumLightens the red hues of chocobo feathers.
Mamook PearDeepens the green hues of Chocobo feathers
ValfruitLightens the green hues of chocobo feathers.
O’Ghomoro BerriesDeepens the blue hues of chocobo feathers.
Cieldalaes PineappleLightens the blue hues of Chocobo feathers
Han LemonRestores feathers to their original hue.

All of the chocobo fruits are available through the marketboard, gardening, and side quests. The quickest way to get them is through the marketboard.

Most are quite affordable, but it’s worth checking different servers before spending more than a few thousand gil.

Specific Chocobo Colors

To get a specific color of Chocobo in FFXIV, you can feed them all of the food at once. But if you want to experiment, it will take longer.

If you’re familiar with color codes and RGB, then you should be able to get close to the color you want in one go.

But if you’re not and you still don’t want to waste time, there is a calculator that works wonders. If you don’t find success with the calculator, try 1 to 2 of each recommended fruit again, then wait.

Now you know how to change your Chocobo color in FFXIV.

What’s your favorite Chocobo color in the game? Let me know in the comments!

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