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There are eight races in FFXIV, each with its own set of pros and cons. Though everyone has their own favorite race, some perks are objective.

In other MMOs, there are racial stats that affect in-game play. In FFXIV, there is no significant change in stats based on rates. That said, there are reasons to choose the best race.

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The best race in FFXIV is the Lalafell for cuteness or the Hyur for versatility. Though there are few technical benefits to any race, they are social perks.

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What is the Best Race in FFXIV?

The best race in FFXIV is quite subjective.

Every player has their own set of priorities that guide them when they choose a race.

The bonus stats for each race are minuscule and have little effect on playability or final stats with other bonuses. But there are plenty of other “stats” to go on.

Pros and Cons of Each Race

Each race in FFXIV has pros and cons. Some of the pros and cons are practical, while others are all about the glamour.


  • Strength – 22 for Midlander, 23 for Highlander
  • Vitality – 20 for Midlander, 22 for Highlander
  • Dexterity – 23 for Midlander, 20 for Highlander
  • Intelligence – 23 for Midlander, 18 for Highlander
  • Mind – 19 for Midlander, 20 for Highlander

The Hyur is the most popular race in FFXIV, at least for new players. Endgame characters tend to stray from Hyur in favor of Au Ra and Miqo’te.

According to FFXIV Census, around one-third of all characters are Hyur. That is a significant number considering there are eight races to choose from.


  • Human-like
  • Versatile
  • Best for recreating self


  • May be boring
  • Not as many extra character creation choices


  • Strength – 20 for Wildwood, 20 for Duskwight
  • Vitality – 19 for Wildwood, 19 for Duskwight
  • Dexterity – 23 for Wildwood, 20 for Duskwight
  • Intelligence – 22 for Wildwood, 23 for Duskwight
  • Mind – 19 for Wildwood, 21 for Duskwight

Elezen are a tall thin race with elf-like features. The Wildwood and Duskwight look so similar it’s difficult to tell them apart.

People who want to play a tall race that is delicate rather than bulky choose Elezen. They also can wear almost anything as they have few restrictions.


  • Tall
  • Elf-like
  • Can have near Hyur-like ears


  • Cannot be short
  • Average faces


  • Strength – 19 for Plainsfolk, 19 for Dunesfolk
  • Vitality – 19 for Plainsfolk, 18 for Dunesfolk
  • Dexterity – 23 for Plainsfolk, 21 for Dunesfolk
  • Intelligence – 22 for Plainsfolk, 22 for Dunesfolk
  • Mind – 20 for Plainsfolk, 23 for Dunesfolk

Lalafell is a fan-favorite race. Though not the most popular race, they have one of the most loyal player bases, and other races love seeing Lalafell in the wild.

The Plainsfolk tend to have earth-toned hair, while the Dunesfolk have more pastel-colored hair. These can both be changed in-game, but the undertones still remain.


  • Adorable
  • Wins contests
  • Wins hearts
  • Free cookies


  • Get treated like children
  • Very short
  • Glam looks boxy


  • Strength – 22 for Seeker of the Sun, 19 for Keeper of the Moon
  • Vitality – 20 for Seeker of the Sun, 18 for Keeper of the Moon
  • Dexterity – 23 for Seeker of the Sun, 22 for Keeper of the Moon
  • Intelligence – 19 for Seeker of the Sun, 21 for Keeper of the Moon
  • Mind – 19 for Seeker of the Sun, 23 for Keeper of the Moon

Miqo’te is the most popular race among veteran players. About one in four veteran FFXIV players are Miqo’te, making it one of the most popular races to use Fantasia on.

The two race choices are Keeper of the Sun and Keeper of the Moon. The two are very similar, with the biggest difference being the lighter colors and narrow pupils of the Keeper of the Sun.


  • Cute, but not child-like
  • Almost as versatile as Hyur
  • Most agile with emotes
  • Most anime-like female


  • Furry accusations
  • Can’t be very tall
  • They get a bad rep because of their popularity and the stigma against them


  • Strength – 22 for Sea Wolf, 20 for Hellsguard
  • Vitality – 23 for Sea Wolf, 23 for Hellsguard
  • Dexterity – 19 for Sea Wolf, 18 for Hellsguard
  • Intelligence – 18 for Sea Wolf, 20 for Hellsguard
  • Mind – 21 for Sea Wolf, 22 for Hellsguard

Roegadyn are very tall, muscular people known for their kind hearts. Sea Wolves have greenish skin, while Hellsguard have reddish skin.

The Roegadyn is not a popular race, but those who choose Roegadyn tend to be loyal. The tall build and warrior faces keep fans interested.


  • Tallest race
  • Easy to look fierce
  • Always wear a smile
  • Mounts are huge
  • One of the only races that allows females to look like warriors


  • Difficult for females to look feminine
  • Faces aren’t traditionally attractive

Au Ra

  • Strength – 19 for Raen, 23 for Xaela
  • Vitality – 19 for Raen, 22 for Xaela
  • Dexterity – 22 for Raen, 20 for Xaela
  • Intelligence – 20 for Raen, 20 for Xaela
  • Mind – 23 for Raen, 18 for Xaela

Au Ra are a dragon-like race with slim features. The males are one of the tallest races, while the females are one of the shortest.

The Raen clan is light-colored, while Xaela are dark-colored. Otherwise, they are very similar with the same build and hairstyles.


  • Customizable features
  • Most unique choices
  • Males have anime-like hair


  • Limits to face tattoos
  • Disruptive horns
  • You’ll hear the phrase, “all Au Ra look the same”


  • Strength – 20 for Rava, 19 for Veena
  • Vitality – 18 for Rava, 19 for Veena
  • Dexterity – 23 for Rava, 20 for Veena
  • Intelligence – 21 for Rava, 23 for Veena
  • Mind – 21 for Rava, 22 for Veena

Viera is a bunny race in FFXIV. The male and female Viera look quite similar compared to other races, which draws in some and deters others.

The difference in clans is simple, too: Rava are warm-toned while Veena are cooler-toned. They are both tall, slender, and attractive.


  • Best body
  • Most delicate face
  • Most popular for dancers (profession not the class)


  • Limited hairstyles and hats
  • There’s a stigma for male Viera
  • Difficult to look battle-ready


  • Strength – 23 
  • Vitality – 23 
  • Dexterity – 17
  • Intelligence – 17
  • Mind – 23 

The Hrothgar is a currently all-male race (though female is in the works) with the fewest human features. It is the least popular race, with around 10% of all characters playing Hrothgar.

Helion are bright in color while the Lost clan is muted in color. Despite their large appearance, they are not as tall as Elezen or male Au Ra.


  • Beastly
  • Intimidating yet friendly 
  • Fewest players, making you unique


  • Only male
  • Cannot wear hats

Now you know the best race in FFXIV.

What is your favorite race in Final Fantasy XIV, and have you ever changed it? Let me know in the comments!

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