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Glamour in FFXIV is the reason people in bunny suits can fight in style. They allow you to change your appearance without any ill effects.

However, the tutorial for glamour in FFXIV is not sufficient. That’s why a glamouring guide is so useful.

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Learning how to glamour in FFXIV consists of doing quests, unlocking the right items, and choosing what you want your armor to look like.

To unlock glamour in FFXIV, complete the glamour quest If I Had a Glamour or A Self Improving Man, and then use glamour prisms to change the appearance of your gear.

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What is Glamour?

Glamour is a way to change the appearance of your outfit or armor without changing its stats. It allows you to make your armor look like any other piece of clothing in the game.

This explains why you may see players fighting battles in a bikini or fur coat yet don’t seem to take any extra damage.

The process is called transmog or transmogification in other games, such as World of Warcraft.

But in FFXIV, it’s almost exclusively called glamour or “glam”.

How to Unlock Glamour in Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock glamour in FFXIV, you must complete a series of quests. To do so, you must be level 15 and have access to either Mor Dhona or Western Thanalan.

The way that unlocking glamour used to work was through a certain quest. But now, there are two options.

If I Had a Glamour or A Self Improving Man

These two are essentially the same quest. If I Had a Glamour is in Western Thanalan, while A Self-Improving Man is in Mor Dhona.

It is a super simple quest that involves speaking to an NPC and then bringing something to another NPC.

Submission Impossible or Absolutely Glamourous

This quest is not necessary to unlock glamour, but it is necessary to make glamour prisms. So it’s good practice to do it in case you wish to make prisms in the future.

Both quests involve speaking to one NPC and then delivering a letter to another NPC. Again, super simple.

How Does Glamour Work in FFXIV?

Glamour is a “skin” that changes the appearance of your armor in FFXIV. The armor is not affected stat-wise, and the effect is reversible.

There is nothing to lose except a glamour prism and dye if you decide to dye the glam.

But before you glamour gear in FFXIV, it’s important to know a few prerequisites and tips to avoid mishaps.

Glamour Prism

Glamour prisms are required to create glamour in Final Fantasy XIV. Ensure you have them in your inventory before making glamour. 

For a full guide, check out how to get glamour prisms in FFXIV. For a quick look, here are the best ways to collect glamour prisms:

Same Type

The glamour you use must match the type of the piece you’re putting the glamour on.

You cannot put a shirt over a hat or anything like that.

Class, Gender, Race

Though the restrictions for race are rare and restrictions for gender are becoming rare, it is still worth noting.

The restriction for the class comes up a lot.

Some pieces can be worn by any job. But others only be certain disciples (hand, land, healer, etc.) and some only by one class (reaper, ninja, etc.)

Lower Than the Level of the Gear

This is a factor that has confused a lot of people in Final Fantasy XIV. It involves the level of the gear and the glamour.

The glamour must be at a lower level than the gear. For example, if the glamour is level 60, the gear must be level 60 or higher.

Glamour in Inventory Vs. In Glamour Dresser

This is a long-held debate in FFXIV. There are two ways to glamour items. You can glamour the item in your inventory or glamour it in your glamour dresser.

To glamour them in your inventory, just right-click the armor (not the glam) and click “Cast Glamour” with a glamour prism in your inventory as well.

This semi-permanently makes that piece of gear look different and will not change how it looks, even if unequipped until you dispel the glamour.

How to Access Glamour Dresser

The first time you access your glamour dresser, it can be confusing. Most players have to play around with it for a while before they figure out how to create glamour plates.

To access the glamour dresser, go to an inn in a major city – it is a bed on the map. Then, talk to the innkeeper who lets you in the inn room.

From there, interact with the glamour dresser and choose the items you’d like to add. These items in the dresser are not available unless you put them on a glamour plate.

The gear must be repaired before you put it in the glamour dresser. It also loses its spiritbond. But other than that, there are no repercussions.

How to Make Glamour Plates

To make glamour plates, click “edit glamour plates” after adding items to the glamour dresser.

From there, you can use items to create preset outfits you may apply when near an aetheryte or in the inn room.

You can have up to 20 glamour plates, each with a unique outfit. Make sure you don’t mix and match items for different classes.

Once you’re ready to apply the glamour plate, either “apply” while in the glamour dresser or go to the character menu.

Make sure you save before you exit the dresser, or you’ll have to start over.

In the character menu, click the glamour plate button above your level and class name. Then, choose a glamour plate and click “apply”.

Storage with the Glamour Dresser

Not only is the glamour dresser a good place to make glamour plates, but it’s also a good place to store level 1 gear.

Just don’t forget about the armoire, which allows you to store special event glamour. You can access the armoire while in the glamour dresser with the button at the bottom.

How to Remove Glamour

To remove glamour, you must click on “dispel glamour.” In FFXIV, the term you use for remove glamour is dispel glamour, which requires glamour dispellers.

If the piece is in your glamour dresser, you do not need to dispel the glamour.

You just need to glamour over it or remove the item from the plate and then redo it.

But if the item was glamoured in your inventory, you must possess a glamour dispeller to return it to its original form.

Who Can You Glamour?

  • Yourself
  • Change your Retainer’s glamour by changing their armor that has glam on it
  • Speak with a Squadron member and click “Outfit”
  • Egi “glamours” change the color of your Summoner’s carbuncle

Dyeing Glamour

Dyeing is different than casting glamour in FFXIV. It does not require glamour prisms, but it is quite tricky to get right.

To dye in your inventory, apply the glamour first apply the glamour then right-click an armor piece and dye it.

To dye a piece in the glamour dresser, there are two options.

The first is to dye the piece so that it is always the same color, no matter how many pieces it is on. This option is best for using expensive dyes.

The other option is to dye the glamour pieces after they are in the glamour plate. This option uses more dyes but lets you keep the piece the original color.

What Are Glamour Contests?

Glamour contests are a little-known slice of FFXIV’s amazing community. They appear in Party Finder in the Other tab or are advertised in Discord servers.

On a regular basis, especially during October, venues hosted by Free Companies have parties. These parties sometimes have costume contests.

The contests may be held on Discord, on stage at the venue, or just by judges noticing you in the crowd.

Glamour contests in FFXIV and venues, in general, are one of the most underrated aspects of the game.

It’s easy to walk away with a few million gil after one night of fun, with no investment aside from putting together an on-theme glamour plate.

Now you know how to glamour in FFXIV. What is your favorite glamour set in the game?

Let me know in the comments!

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