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Solo classes in FFXIV are those that can solo content. They have sustainable kits and put out good damage.

Though any class in the game can go into a duty solo, not all of them make it as easy as some. In fact, there are classes that are more frustrating than they are worth as solo classes.

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The best solo class in FFXIV is Warrior. Though any tank is good at completing duties alone, the Warrior reigns supreme.

Paladin is close behind but is not quite as sustainable as Warrior unless your Paladin is a higher level and you have more experience with them.

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Best Solo Class in Final Fantasy XIV

The best solo class in FFXIV is a tank. Though any tank is quite easy to solo with, two are the most well-rounded and effective.

Note: if you are looking for the best solo class for matchmaking, the answers are slightly different. In the end, any class can carry, so for solo classes that you pair with teammates, choose the class you feel most comfortable with.


Warrior is the most popular solo job in FFXIV. It has amazing HP, does good damage and can heal.

Out of all of the jobs in FFXIV, the Warrior has the strongest sustainability. Though the damage output isn’t the highest, it is difficult to keep a Warrior down.

Thus the only setback to playing Warrior solo is that killing enemies takes longer. But this levels out due to the fact that the Warrior can facetank so much damage.

Key Abilities

  • Thrill of Battle – increases your HP for a limited time, giving you a buff while active.
  • Equilibrium – a level 58 ability that heals for 1200, heals over time, and can be recast every 60 seconds
  • Primal Rend – closes distance and deals good damage in an AoE but must be level 90
  • Bloodwhettng – an ability that mitigates damage, stacks with other abilities, and heals.


Paladin gets a boost from healing and shielding abilities. Though it is a great companion class, it fairs well solo too.

Another thing that helps the Paladin sustain the battlefield is their ability to generate MP through combos.

Key Abilities

  • Clemency – one of the best heals in the game, though it does use a huge hunk of mana.
  • Hallowed Ground – a classic Paladin ability that makes you invincible for 10 seconds. But it can only be cast once every 420 seconds.
  • Sheltron – reduces damage by 15%
  • Sentinel – mitigates 30% of the damage you would take.
  • Blade of X – all three blade abilities do good damage, great AoE, and heal, making them great to add to your combos.

Bonus: Gunbreaker

Gunbreaker has a steeper learning curve than Warrior and Paladin, but it stands a fair chance. It works well solo because it has more base DPS than most other tanks.

Gunbreakers also have better mobility than most takes and are generally more well-rounded. But you do have to put in the work.

Key Abilities

  • Aurora – basic healing over time that has two charges, each lasting 18 seconds.
  • Superbolide – makes your HP 0 but makes you invincible for 10 seconds
  • Heart of Corundum – unlocks at level 82, granting mitigation, healing, and other buffs.

Best Non-Tank Solo Classes

Non-tanks are never going to be the best solo options. But if you don’t have any tanks leveled or feel more comfortable as another class, it is still possible to use them effectively.

Best Solo Healer in FFXIV

Sage is the best healer for solo play in FFXIV. Any other healer pales in comparison when entering a duty alone.

Sage has more damage than any other healer but doesn’t lack in the healing department either.

Haima gives you a shield and restores HP. But that’s just one ability in a kit that gave FFXIV the first solo healer in the game.

Best Solo DPS in FFXIV

Red Mage is usually considered the safest bet for solo classes in FFXIV. Though usually hailed as a good party class, it stands on its own two feet.

Abilities like Vercure heal the Red Mage while those like Displacement get you away from harm while reflecting damage.

Summoner is another good option. It gives you a lot of control over your playstyle. Your pets give you an option to be aggressive or passive.

However, there is a problem staying alive, considering the raise ability cannot be self-cast. So unless you take the enemy down quickly, it’s a struggle.

Dragoon is a riskier choice, but if you have experience with it, then it can be just as good as Red Mage. The mobility alone makes it a viable choice.

Now you know the best solo class in FFXIV.

Have you had any luck with FFXIV classes not listed above? Let me know in the comments!

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