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Mounts are a crucial part of traveling in Final Fantasy XIV. The lands in FFXIV are vast, with new areas added with every expansion.

To make the most of your time, finding the quickest paths to your destination is ideal. This means learning to fly and increasing mount speed when you can’t fly.

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The fastest way to travel via mount is by flying, which cannot have its speed increased yet is faster than any ground speed.

To increase mount speed for ground mounts in FFXIV, complete specific MSQs in A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood. Then, get Riding Maps from FATE currency vendors in all regions to increase mount speed another tick. This is the only way to increase mount speed in expansions after Stormblood.

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How to Increase Mount Speed in Final Fantasy XIV

There are three ways to increase mount speed in FFXIV.

You can increase ground mount speed by one point in Shadowbrigners and Endwalker and by two points for previous expansions.

To track your mount speed, type /mountspeed in chat. This can be opened anytime to let you know which areas you have increased mount speed in and if it’s a one or two-point system.


At the end of each MSQ line (ex., Heavensward or The Ultimate Weapon), your mount speed unlocks.

There are eleven quests that increase mount speed in different areas of A Realm Reborn. There are seven for Heavensward and seven for Stormblood.

This means that as long as you continue on the Main Scenario quest, you’ll eventually unlock the first upgrade to mount speed in ARR, Heavesward, and Stormblood.

Riding Map

Some areas allow you to increase the mount speed twice – once with the MSQ checkpoint and again with a riding map.

Riding maps do not affect flying speed, so getting them is not useful unless you plan on traveling on the ground. 

The riding maps do help you get aether currents, so if you have extra currency to get them, it’s worth checking out.

To get the currencies, check out local FATEs. You must purchase each zone’s map separately (ex. there are 17 for ARR alone).

  •  Grand Company Hunt Billmaster – 250 Allied Seals each (A Realm Reborn)
  •  Ardolain in The Forgotten Knight in Ishgard – 250 Centurio Seals each (Heavensward)
  •  Estrild in Kugane – 250 Centurio Seals (Stormblood)
  • Various vendors in Shadowbringers – 70 Bicolor Gemstones
  • Various vendors in Endwalker – 70 Bicolor Gemstones


The fastest way to get around in FFXIV is by flying. The slowest flying speed is faster than the fastest ground speed.

There have been many changes to flying in FFXIV. But at this time, you unlock flying for all mounts by completing the Ultimate Weapon in ARR.

This does not give you access to flying in each area, as you must collect aether currents in each zone separately. You can track aether current progress through the Travel Menu.

Restrictions to Mount Speed

In residential districts, you can only increase mount speed by completing certain MSQs.

You also can’t fly in these areas, so increasing the mount speed is well worth it.

Other restrictions include Idyyshire and Rhalgr’s Reach. Again, check these restrictions at any time via the /mountspeed tracker in-game.

Now you know how to increase mount speed in FFXIV. Save time by spending less time on your mount and more time at your destination.

Did I miss any methods to increase mount speed? Let me know in the comments!

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