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Fish in Final Fantasy XIV are not as valuable as they are in other games. Though many players enjoy fishing, unless you are a specialist, you won’t make a bank doing so.

Even if you are an expert fisher, your inventory is sure to fill up with stacks of undesired fish. But as we know, in FFXIV, there is a use for almost everything.

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The best thing to do with fish in FFXIV is desynth it. But before you do, it’s a good idea to check the value of the fish versus the value of the materials you may get.

If you don’t want to deal with desynthesizing, you can always use the fish for cooking, your aquarium, or painting with Angler’s Frames.

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What to Do with Fish in Final Fantasy XIV

There are a variety of things to do with fish in FFXIV.

Not all of them are lucrative, but if time is money to you or you love interesting finds, then you may be interested in any or all of the options.


Using fish to cook with the Culinarian is not a bad option. You can make an array of recipes that grant you various stats in battle.

But the best time to use fish for Culinarian and when leveling them. For example, the level 5 Culinary quest requires Grilled Trout, while the level 55 Culinarian quest requires Grilled Sweetfish.

Even if you are not using the fish for hand-ins in your Culinarian journey, you can still level up by cooking.

This helps during the tough times between quests when you fall behind in level.

Fisher Quests

Many of the Fisher quests don’t require you to catch the fish. You can still turn the quest in without catching the fish yourself.

So if you have a stockpile, see if any of them are necessary for Fisher quests, and you can save some time traveling.


It may not be worth selling 20 different single fish for 5 gil each. But it would be worth it for stacks of fish.

There are also select fish that are worth thousands of gil, so before you toss any fish, check their value on the Marketboard.

Checking every fish can be a hassle, so doing it online may not be ideal.

A faster option is to start selling the fish with your retainer to check the price, then back out before clicking “submit”.


You can add an aquarium to your house or apartment in FFXIV and fill it with fish you catch.

There are a few aquariums to choose from, most of them available on the Marketboard in different sizes.

You can have 4-10 aquariums in your house, depending on the house size. Once you place an aquarium, choose either freshwater or saltwater.

Then, interact with it and place the fish in your inventory in the tank. You will be able to see the unique fish you choose swimming around in it.


A unique use for fish in FFXIV is painting. To buy the frame necessary for painting, go to a white scrip exchange.

Buy one of the Angler’s Frames and add it to your house. Then, interact and choose a compatible fish.

Not all fish can be used as paint, but many of them can. Keep in mind that changing the fish loses the previous fish you painted with.


Desynthing is the most popular way to use fish in Final Fantasy XIV. Some fish can give you unique seasonal items, while others grant unique materials.

Most of the time, you’ll only get sand and crystals. But it’s worth trying to level your desynth skill and chance of getting something rare if the fish itself isn’t valuable.

Now you know what to do with fish in FFXIV, so you don’t have to live with the smell of Princess Trout in your inventory.

Did I miss any important methods to get rid of fish? Let me know in the comments!

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