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Final Fantasy XIV’s storage system isn’t easy to figure out.

Storage in any MMO is important, so finding it as soon as possible is ideal for organization and ease of access.

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The best place to store items in Final Fantasy XIV is your retainers. You can get one free retainer after you join the Scions of the Seventh Dawn via MSQ. Other good storage options include your FC chest, storeroom (housing), and your Chocobo Saddlebag.

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Where to Store Items in Final Fantasy XIV

There are several ways to store items in FFXIV, but most of them can only hold certain types of items. This is something to keep in mind as you go forward to prevent frustration.

Inventory and Armory Chest

Your inventory and Armory Chest are two different places. Your base inventory can hold 50 items of any type.

Then your Armory Chest (button at the bottom of Inventory) can only hold armor. The Armory Chest can hold up to 35 items of each type.


Retainers are the number one place to store items in Final Fantasy XIV. You can get one free retainer which can hold up to 175 items, not including the 20 items it can sell.

You can get more retainers by heading to the MogStation where you can get a total of 9 Retainers (10 if you count the Companion App retainer.)  But you do have to pay a monthly fee for each one.

This brings the total number of items (with selling items) you can have all of your retainers hold to almost 2000.


Chocobo Saddlebags do not have unlimited space, but they are a good option for items you want to keep with you.

The Chocobo Saddlebag can hold up to 70 items, but you can access the items at almost any time. Just head to the Character menu.


The armoire can only hold certain pieces of armor, but the items that it can hold are worth storing there. It’s best to access the Armoire and see if anything you have in your inventory can be stored.

If you don’t want to use the event gear you get in your dressers, you can throw it away because the Calamity Salvager can retrieve it for you at any time.

Glamour Dresser

Your glamour dresser can hold anything you don’t want to use for armor but instead for glam. The glamour dresser can hold up to 400 armor and weapon items.

You can remove the glam from the dresser at any time, retrieving the item but resetting the spirit bond.

Free Company Chest

There are two ways to go about using an FC chest to store items. You can use the Free Company chest of the Free Company you’re in, but you must share the stored items.

Or you can make your own Free Company and get to have your own space. However, the space is limited since you won’t be able to rank up and unlock more slots.


The storeroom in your housing unit can hold a good amount of furniture and other housing items.

Your storeroom can hold up to 400 indoor items and 40 outdoor items. You don’t have to use the items in the storeroom; you can just use it for storage.

Non-Storage Options to Clear Inventory Space

There are other ways to clear up inventory space without storing items. It’s not good practice to keep everything you earn in FFXIV.

Trade in Old Gear

Trading in armor and weapons at your Grand Company is the best thing to do with old gear.

We have a complete guide on what to do with old gear in FFXIV that may come in handy if you can’t trade in the gear you have.

Sell Stuff

Selling stuff via your retainers is highly recommended. It’s a good idea to keep your retainers full of stuff selling and check back on a regular basis.

This will clear up all of the stuff you don’t want while benefiting from getting rid of it.

Now you know where to store items in FFXIV.

Did I miss any important storage spots to take advantage of? Let me know in the comments!

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