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Apartments in FFXIV allow you to have one of the cheapest housing options in the game. But buying one doesn’t exactly have a tutorial.

If you’re ready to have your own apartment in the game but don’t know how to get one, keep reading!

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To buy an apartment in FFXIV, interact with the apartment caretaker in the apartment building. Ask to buy an apartment. If there are none available, she will tell you so. Go to another building and ask the secretary there. Keep going until you find an opening.

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How to Buy an Apartment in Final Fantasy XIV

To buy an apartment in FFXIV, you must go to each ward to find a vacant room. There are two ways to do this.

  • Interact with the apartment and filter through the rooms.
  • Talk to the receptionist and click “Purchase an Apartment”.

There are five residential districts in FFXIV, with 60 wards per district. So, there are nearly 30,000 rooms per server, as each apartment complex holds 90 tenants.

Although there are somewhere between 50,000 to 800,000 players per server, very few of them have apartments. Because of this, there are frequent openings.


  • District – Mist (Limsa Lominsa)
  • Location – the west side of the main wards
  • Vendor Name – Apartment Merchant

Lily Hills

  • District – Lavender Beds (New Gridania)
  • Location – top-right of main wards down a long bridge
  • Vendor Name – Apartment Merchant

Sultana’s Breath

  • District – Goblet (Ul’dah)
  • Location – southwest of the main wards
  • Vendor Name – Apartment Merchant

Kobai Goten

  • District – Shirogane (Kugane)
  • Location – north side of map
  • Vendor Name – Apartment Merchant


  • District – Empyreum (Ishgard)
  • Location – west side of main wards
  • Vendor Name – Junkmonger

How Much Does an Apartment Cost?

Apartments cost 500,000 gil in FFXIV. You must have the gil on you to purchase an apartment, not on a retainer or other storage.

Other Requirements

  • Level 50 with at least one class
  • Rank of Second Lieutenant in FC

How Many Apartments Can You Own?

You can only have one apartment per character in FFXIV.

But you can own both an FC room and a house while still having an apartment.

Can You Lose Your Apartment?

No. The only way to lose an apartment in FFXIV is to vacate it. You can’t even lose it from getting banned or not stepping into it for a year.

The Apartment Lobby and Courtyard

Having an apartment comes with a unique set of perks. You can teleport directly to it, but there are also a set of NPCs and other benefits.

The Lobby

The apartment lobby is equipped with NPCs to make your life better. They are in the lobby, which you can reach from outside or from your room.

  • Receptionist/Apartment Caretaker – helps you buy an apartment and answers questions.
  • Mender – repairs your gear
  • Material Supplier – has an array of ingredients and other items to buy
  • Delivery Moogle – the mailbox

The Courtyard

Right outside the apartment in FFXIV, there are a few amenities. Some are only available to residents.

  • Chocobo Stables – only apartment residents may use the Chocobo stables outside the complex
  • Summoning Bell – near every apartment, allows you to summon retainers
  • Marketboard – near every apartment, allows you to buy from other players
  • Aetheryte – allows anyone to teleport to the apartment from other aetherytes in the district

Apartment Restrictions

There are restrictions to having an apartment in FFXIV. Some are unique to apartments, while others are shared with other housing options.


Unlike with houses, you may not have a tenant for your apartment. This means no sharing of your apartment privileges or duties.


You may place up to 100 pieces of furniture inside your apartment. This is half the number you may place in a small house.

There is no yard for apartments, so you cannot place or store Outdoor Furnishings. You also may not have a garden.


You can have up to four vendors in your apartment. To get them, buy a permit from the material supplier.


You can have up to two crafting facilities in your apartment. These are crafted items that make crafting easier in their vicinity.

Now you know how to buy an apartment in FFXIV!

Do you have a house, FC room, or an apartment? Let me know in the comments!

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