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As you fight monsters and bosses in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll accumulate items that you do not need.

Desynthesis is a way to get rare materials from unused items in FFXIV. All you need is a crafter that is level 30 to get started.

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To desynth in FFXIV, click on the item in your inventory, then click “Desynthesis.” This action starts the process. From there, you have another chance to back out after you see the recommended level and which job must desynth the item.

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How to Desynth in Final Fantasy XIV

Desynthesizing in FFXIV consists of breaking down items into semi-random materials. What you get depends on the item and your skill level.

It’s quite simple to desynth in FFXIV. To desynth an item, click on it in your inventory. Then, click “Desynthesis.”

If the option isn’t there, it’s because the item cannot be desynthed or you haven’t completed the quest to unlock the option.

What Can You Desynth?

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Fish
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry

Leveling Desynthesis

There is no set rule on which class can desynth which type of item. But each crafter does have a desynth unique level that can only level up through the process.

Check the desynth levels by going to regular levels under Character. Then, hover over the class to see the Desynth skill at the bottom.

The higher the desynth level for the class, the better materials you get out of the items you desynth.

You do not have to equip the proper crafter to desynth. You can have any class equipped, even a combat class, and still use Desynthesis.

Desynth Quest

  • Quest – Gone to pieces
  • Location – Ul’dah (14-10)
  • NPC – Synth
  • Requirements – Crafter level 30 and Life Materia and Everything MSQ

There is only one desynth quest in the game, and it’s called Gone to Pieces. The simple quest leads you to two NPCs that teach you the trade.

You do need to be level 30 to use the skill, but you do not have to do the quest with every crafter. Do it once to unlock the Desynthesis skill. 

Desynth Tips

Desynthesis in FFIXV is simple. But there are ways to speed up your progress and get the best materials possible from your items.


ItemEffectHow To Learn RecipeCrafter (to make)
Bacon BrothDesynthesis Skill Gain +10
Reduced Durability Loss +4
Master Culinarian IICulinarian
Tinker’s CalmDesynthesis Skill Gain +30Master Alchemist IIAlchemist

There are two foods you can eat to make leveling desynth skills faster. Bacon Broth and Tinker’s Calm have the same effect, though Tinker’s Calm is better.

Wait or Go For It?

One of the most difficult parts of desynthing is deciding what to desynth. The good news is that you can not “fail” a desynth.

You simply won’t get good material from something if your skill is too low. But there are reasons not to desynth it.

The main reasons not to desynth in FFXIV is if you want to use the item, sell it, or wait until you’re at a higher skill level.

The Title

After you desynth 5000 items, you get the title Disassembler. It sounds like a lot, but if you desynth all unwanted items, it stacks up fast.


Although there are rare drops from desynthing, especially items you get from extreme trials, the main ingredient is demimateria.

There are around twenty demimateria in the game, all acquired from desynthing alone. Some rare items require demimateria to craft.

For example, Moogle Weapons and Nightsteel Tools are only craftable with demimateria. If you get any demimateria, check the price on the marketboard, it could be rare.

Now you know how to desynth in Final Fantasy XIV.

What was your rarest desynth find? Let me know in the comments!

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