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Gardening is a fun way to relax in FFXIV. The system is easy to learn and difficult to master.

It is, however, very worth it to do due to the profit you can make from gardening. Thavnarian Onions are always a top seller.

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To grow crops in FFXIV, you must buy a house and place a garden plot. From there, you add soil, seeds, and water to it. Fertilizing your crops makes them grow faster, with normal rates at around five days.

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What Does the Garden Do?

Gardening in FFXIV is similar to gardening in other games. You plant seeds, fertilize and water them, receiving crops to utilize for resources in the end.

Most people garden so they can sell the crops and make a good profit. But it’s also a fun and relaxing way to take a break from difficult duties.

The garden in FFXIV produces crops from seeds you plant. They may also grant you additional seeds.

Because they may give seeds along with the crops, it’s possible to have an endless garden with just one initial investment.

How to Grow Crops in Final Fantasy XIV

There is a simple process for growing crops in FFXIV. The process is straightforward but does require regular check-ins.

Step 1: Crop Plot

  • Round Garden Patch – four sections
  • Oblong Garden Patch – six sections
  • Deluxe Garden Patch – eight sections

The best place to buy crop plots in FFXIV is the Housing Merchant NPC in residential districts. Once you buy a crop plot, place it in your yard.

To do that, head to Housing under Social. Then go to Outdoor Furnishings and place it from your inventory or add it to your storeroom then place.

Step 2: Soil

Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil is the best soil to use in FFXIV. The quickest way to get it is via the marketboard.

Once you have it, place it in your inventory then interact with the garden plot. This pops up the option to add soil to your plot.

Step 3: Seed

After you add soil, it’s time to seed. This is a lot like choosing bait to fish with. Put the seed in your inventor, then interact with the section you want to plant in.

Step 4: Water

You have to water your crops every (real-time) day. Otherwise, they will begin to wilt and eventually die.

To water, interact with it, and choose “tend to garden.” You have to do it right away then you can wait a day but it’s best to check it regularly.

Step 5: Fertilize (optional)

You may speed up growing times by adding fertilizer. You may do so once per Earth hour.

Fish Meal is the most popular option which is available at the Material Supplier in the market area of the residential district.

Step 6: Wait

The final step is to wait for your crops to grow. If you fertilize, do that every hour or so.

If you don’t, then all you have to do is water them each day until they sparkle. When they sparkle, it means they are ready to harvest.

How Does Crossbreeding Work?

Crossbreeding in FFXIV consists of planting two different crops next to each other to create a new crop.


There are multiple patterns for crossbreeding, but it’s best to plant in a circle, alternating two types of plants.

This is the most efficient method. Because it is a complex system, you can check out cross-diagrams online for creating crossbreeds in FFXIV.


Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil has about a 90% chance of interbreeding. That’s significantly higher than the step down, which is Grade 2 at 50%.

That’s why Grade 3 is worth the investment if you want to intercross. If not, then feel free to step down.

Fertilizer and Water

Watering and fertilizing your seeds do not make crossbreeding any more likely. Fertilizing reduces growth time by 1% each time, which adds up over time.

What Are the Best Things to Grow?

Though this changes with new patches, there is a rather consistent group of plants that are worth growing in Final Fantasy XIV:

  • Thavnarian Onions
  • Blood Peppers
  • Minion
  • Azeyma Rose
  • Halone Gerbera
  • Jute
  • Broombush
  • Glazenut

Now you know how to garden in Final Fantasy XIV!

What made you decide to start gardening? Let me know in the comments!

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