Fire Emblem Engage – How Many Endings Are There?

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Fire Emblem Engage, like many various RPG games, has different endings that you can receive as you complete the main story.

The ending that you get is determined by the outcome of your final battle against the Fell Dragon Sombron in Chapter 26 of the main story.

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In Fire Emblem Engage, there is a total of two different endings to the game, separated into a Good Ending and a Bad Ending.

This was a surprise to some fans, who had been hoping for more endings, such as what has been included in previous Fire Embem titles. If you’re wondering how to get each ending in Fire Emblem Engage and what each ending entails, then follow along below for everything you’ll need to know.

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Fire Emblem Engage – Both Endings Explained and How to Get Them

In Fire Emblem Engage, there are only two different possible endings you can get upon completing your playthrough.

These endings are referred to as the Good Ending and Bad Ending. The ending that you receive for your game will be determined completely by the outcome of your final battle against the Fell Dragon Sombron in Chapter 26.

During this final battle with Sombron, there are two possible outcomes – either you defeat him once and for all, which will earn you the Good Ending, or you fail to do so and receive the Bad Ending.

Following Alear’s defeat by Sombron, the Bad Ending will automatically be triggered, and a cutscene will play.

During this cutscene, Alear finally awakens from her defeat only to learn from Fell Dragon Sombron that all of their beloved friends and ally Units have been slaughtered in cold blood and that they are now a part of Sombron’s evil army.

After this cutscene concludes, you will finally get a Game Over screen.

Don’t worry, though. You can simply re-load your save file and restart the final battle from scratch to try and earn yourself the Good Ending.

If you manage to overcome Sombron and his army and emerge from the final battle victorious, then you will receive the Good Ending.

This ending has Alear negate Sombron’s evil plans and return peace to the world of Elyos and will scroll credits, including information for your Units during your adventure together, such as their final Classes, stats, and, most frequently, paired Emblem.

You’ll even get a bit of lore information on where each character ends up after the events of the story.

After the credits pass, you will finally get to encounter a bonus scene that gives a small sneak peek into Alear’s life and what is to come for them in the reformed, peaceful world of Elyos.

Lastly, once the bonus scene is complete, you will be able to jump back into the game and continue playing as much as you’d like with Skirmishes, Tower of Trials, Somniel activities, and the other various post-game contents.

That’s everything you need to know about the two different story endings in Fire Emblem Engage and how to get them in your own playthrough.

Did you manage to secure the Good Ending on your first try, or did you succumb to Sombron’s forces and witness the Bad Ending?

Feel free to let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our Fire Emblem Engage guides here at Gamer Empire for plenty more topics that can help you on your adventure through Elyos with Alear and allies.

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