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In Fire Emblem Engage, Fishing is an optional activity and minigame available at Somniel. As you’d expect, Fishing allows Alear to cast into the pond at Somniel and reel in some seafood, which can later be used to cook meals.

Fishing i an activity that can be completed between three and ten times per day, depending on what stage of the game you are currently at. Fishing will also earn you some extra Bond Fragments, so it can be a worthwhile minigame to play when you want a quick break from tactical combat.

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Fishing can be handy, as it enables you to earn both Ingredients and Bond Fragments at the same time. Rarer fish will earn you more Bond Fragments upon a catch, so knowing how to fish, upgrade your equipment, and encounter the rarer specimen is all important information to know.

We’ve covered all of this, plus a complete summary of every Fish that can be caught in the game, plus the bonuses they will give, so follow along below for everything you’ll need to know.

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How to Unlock Fishing in Fire Emblem Engage

Fishing is an activity that you can do at Somniel. However, this activity will be restricted until you complete Chapter 8 and acquire the Brodian Princes Diamant and Alcryst, plus their comrades as ally Units to Alear.

After clearing Chapter 8, these characters will appear at Somniel, and fishing will be unlocked at the Somniel Pond.

This pond is located in the western area of Somniel, and will always have one of Alear’s ally Units positioned at this location.

How to Fish in Fire Emblem Engage

Once you’ve unlocked Fishing at Somniel, you can Fish by heading over to the Pond and speaking to whichever Unit is positioned at this location.

After initiating the conversation, select the Fishing option, and whichever Unit you were talking to will summon Prince Diamant, as he is the host of this activity.

This will take you to the Fishing Menu, where you will be able to select a Fishing Rod, view which fish are catchable with that rod, and keep track of your available Fishing attempts for the day, indicated by the counter on the top right corner.

Once you have selected your Fishing Rod, press the A button to cast your fishing line into the pond.

Note that it won’t matter where you cast within the Pond, as the type of Fish you catch is not determined by whether the water is calm or has ripples, but rather the time of day in which you choose to go Fishing.

Now wait a second while the lure bobs slightly up and down in the water, then press the A button again as the lure gets pulled fully underwater and Diamant shouts “Now!”, as If you press A too quickly, you’ll have to re-cast.

Once you’ve got a fish on the hook, a meter will appear on your screen. The little fish icon on this meter will be trying to swim upwards, and you will need to press the left Joy-Con in the downward direction to pull it back.

Once you pull it into the pale blue area on the meter, the fish icon will get some floating stars around it to indicate that it is temporarily stunned.

At this point, you need to button mash the A button to chip away at the fish’s health bar, indicated at the top of the screen.

Be sure to pay close attention, as hitting the A button at the wrong time can cause the Fish to escape and ruin one of your limited daily Fishing attempts.

Simply rinse and repeat this action until you manage to chip the Fish’s HP down to zero. Now time the final press of A as it appears on your screen to confirm your catch.

Upon doing so, you’ll finally reel in your prize, which will be evaluated by Diamant.

Finally, you will receive your prize of an Ingredient from this catch and some additional Bond Fragments.

Your Fishing attempt will now be complete, and you will be given the option to either go Fishing again (if you have attempts left) or return to exploring Somniel.

How to Upgrade Fishing Rods

Upon unlocking Fishing at Somniel’s Pond in Fire Emblem Engage, you will receive the Modest Rod to get you started.

You can also unlock additional upgraded Fishing Rods, which will increase the amount of times you can go Fishing per day, as well as the different kinds of fish you can catch.

All Fishing Rods in Fire Emblem Engage are as follows:

Fishing Rod:Max Fishing Attempts Per Day:
Modest Rod3
Sturdy Rod6
Supreme Rod10

You can obtain these upgraded rods from Timerra’s Flea Market Shop, which is unlocked at Chapter 13 of the main story, once Timerra is recruited as one of Alear’s ally Units.

The Sturdy Rod becomes available for purchase after completing Chapter 16, priced at 500 Gold. This will unlock six different additional Fish that can be obtained when completing the Fishing minigame when the Sturdy Rod is equipped.

The Supreme Rod becomes available for purchase after completing Chapter 20, priced at 800 Gold. This will unlock seven different additional Fish that can be obtained when completing the Fishing minigame with the Supreme Rod equipped.

All Fishing Rewards, Listed

There is an extensive list of different Fish that you can catch in Fire Emblem Engage.

Upon catching a Fish, you will receive some Bond Fragments, and a fish Ingredient, which can later be utilized when Cooking Meals to share with your Units at Somniel’s Cafe.

Here is a complete list of all Fish in Fire Emblem Engage, as well as the rewards they provide upon a successful catch.

Fish Name:Rod Needed:Time of Day:Item Rewards:Bond Fragment Rewards:
Big-Eyed SardineModestMorningSardines10
Bisot TunaSupremeAfternoonSashimi500
Canisaria EelSupremeEvening & NightSashimi300
Caria CarpModestAfternoonCarp70
CharwalModestEveningMinced Fish20
Chromatic TroutSturdyMorningRare Fish500
Enchan TunaSupremeAfternoonRare Fish1000
Gela Tail SierraSturdyAfternoonDried Fish60
Matob OctapusSturdyEvening & NightMinced Fish80
Mir CatfishSupremeEvening & NightDried Fish150
Monvill BassSupremeAfternoonSashimi250
Myceen EelModestEveningEel60
Paffo SquidSturdyAfternoonMinced Fish50
Samian HerringModestAfternoonHerring20
Sammar CrabModestMorningMinced Fish40
Sint TroutModestMorningMinced Fish40
Smash-Head RaySupremeMorningDried Fish100
Tieraden TroutSturdyMorningDried Fish80
Tipa SalmonSturdyEvening & NightSalmon150
Volcamonic CodSupremeMorningCod180

How many of these Fish have you managed to catch and discover during your playthrough?

Feel free to let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our content here at Gamer Empire for plenty more Fire Emblem Engage guides to help you on your adventure through Elyos.

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