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In Fire Emblem Engage, the currency of the game is Gold. Gold is used to purchase and sell a variety of in-game items and to perform activities around Somniel that will grant you rewards.

In Fire Emblem Engage, gold is used to buy equipment for your Units, such as Weapons, Outfits, and Items for you to consume in battle to get the edge over your opponents.

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Gold can also be used to donate to your fellow Kingdoms of Elyos, which will allow you to receive various rewards and Materials for doing so.

Gold can be obtained in Fire Emblem Engage by completing skirmishes, training matches, and paralogues, defeating gold corrupted enemies, using Anna to defeat enemies, and making use of Emblem Leif’s Quadruple Hit.

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Fire Emblem Engage Gold Farming Methods

There are a variety of ways to earn gold, which is the money/currency in Fire Emblem Engage.

Most of these methods involve participating in different kinds of battles or combats or making the most of the Skills held by specific Emblems and Units.

The most reliable methods for earning gold in Fire Emblem Engage involve completing Skirmishes and defeating Gold Corrupted Enemies, completing Training Matches, using Unit Anna to defeat enemies in combat, making use of Emblem Leif’s Quadruple Hit Engage Attack, and completing Paralogues.

We’ve gone into more depth about each of these methods below, so continue reading to figure out which technique will work best for farming gold in your own playthrough.

Complete Skirmishes and Defeat Gold Corrupted Enemies

Skirmishes are optional battles that will appear on Fire Emblem Engage’s world map of Elyos during your playthrough.

The objective of Skirmishes is usually to clear the map by defeating every Unit on the enemy side, and the benefits of participating in them involve increasing the EXP of your Units, leveling up, various item rewards, and gold.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Farm Skill Points

Some Skirmishes will also contain Silver Corrupted enemies or Gold Corrupted enemies. These enemies will drop bonus EXP, Skill Points, and gold when you defeat them.

Silver Corrupted enemies will provide extra Skill Points and EXp when defeated, and Gold Corrupted enemies will provide a much more significant quantity of gold (usually somewhere between 1000-2000) when defeated.

You can increase the chances of Silver and Gold Corrupted enemies showing up in Skirmishes by increasing the levels of your fellow kingdoms through donations.

The higher level a kingdom is, the better the spawn rate will be for Silver and Gold Corrupted enemies in Skirmishes located within the region of that kingdom.

Skirmishes will pop up quite often throughout your playthrough, with the locations of the Skirmishes changing with each Chapter of the game you progress through.

This means it’s a good idea to take the time and do them along the way. If you manage to stumble across Skirmishes with Gold Corrupted enemies, you’ll be able to accumulate a large burst of gold by simply clearing the map.

Complete Training Matches

Training matches are optional battles that appear on the world map of Elyos as you progress through the game.

By choosing to participate in these optional battles, you can be rewarded with gold and EXP upon completion.

Training battles work pretty much identically to Skirmishes, sharing the same objective of securing victory and clearing the map by defeating every enemy Unit.

However, Training Matched will only be formed and appear on top of Castle Locations within the world map.

Use Unit Anna to Defeat Enemies

Unit Anna can sometimes be quite difficult to use in battle due to the fact that she has a set of Base Stats that are quite low.

However, despite a lackluster array of beginner stats, Anna brings some serious value to your team with her unique personal Skill, Make a Killing.

When you trigger Make a Killing in combat, this Skill enables Anna the chance to receive 500 gold from a fallen enemy Unit.

This Skill can be triggered simply by having Anna deal the finishing blow to an enemy in battle, meaning you can run a strategy with your allied Units to have them deal the most significant chunks of damage, then have Anna sweep in for the finishing blow.

You should then rinse and repeat this throughout the combat for the most opportunities at trigger Make a Killing, as this Skill isn’t guaranteed to activate each time.

With 500 Gold acquired for every time the Skill is triggered, this gives plenty of opportunity to grind quite a significant amount of gold during just one Map Battle or Skirmish.

This means it’s worth taking some time to level Anna up and make her a bit more combat-ready and on par with your other Units.

To get Unit Anna, all you will have to do is participate in and complete the Mysterious Merchant Paralogue.

Whilst playing through this Paralogue, you will eventually make your way to a Bandit’s Hideout, where you will be introduced to Anna through a cutscene.

After completing the Paralogue and defeating Mitan, Anna will officially be recruited and join Alear and their comrades for good, allowing you to use her with the rest of your acquired Units during your Fire Emblem Engage playthrough and make the most of her personal Skill.

Anna’s Make a Killing Skill revolves around her Luck stat, meaning the higher this stat is, the higher the chance is of triggering the Skill on a killing blow.

To increase Anna’s Luck stat, your best options are to increase her bond with specific Emblems that can increase this skill through stat boosts or inherited Skills.

The best Emblems to equip with Anna are Emblem Tiki, who will provide better growth for her Luck stat as well as a general boost to Luck, and Emblem Byleth, whose Emblem Skills synergize with Anna’s Make a Killing quite nicely.

Make Use of Emblem Leif’s Quadruple Hit

Another Emblem that can increase the drop rate of gold during battle in Fire Emblem Engage is Emblem Leif.

Emblem Leif’s Engage Attack, Quadruple Hit, can be used in combat when paired with a Covert Unit to initiate a chance of the enemy dropping 1000 gold.

Emblem Leif in Fire Emblem Engage

Similarly to Unit Anna’s Make a Killing Skill, Emblem Leif’s Quadruple Hit can have the chances of hitting increase by pairing with a Unit who has a high Luck stat or improving the Luck stats of the Covert Unit you’d like to equip him to.

This Engage Attack attack can only be used once each time your Unit Engages with Leif, so there will be limited opportunities to use it in battle.

This means that rather than relying on Leif as a whole for grinding extra gold, it makes more sense to use this method on top of the others mentioned above.

If you have Leif equipped to a Unit you use in battle as well as Anna in the same combat map, then there’s a chance you can even trigger both of their gold drop abilities in one turn, allowing you to benefit significantly.

For this reason, I’d recommend equipping Leif to a stable Covert Unit as soon as possible and making use of Engaging with him to use Quadruple attack as frequently as possible.

Complete Paralogues

Completing Paralogues won’t only give you extra combat and opportunities to unlock extra Unit’s for Alear’s team but will also provide you with extra gold upon completion.

There is also plenty of opportunity to collect some extra Second Seals, Master Seals, and various other rare and powerful items along the way in Paralogues, which can be sold at the shop in Somniel for some spare cash if you don’t think you’ll use them in your own playthrough.

Paralogues won’t grant a huge amount of gold consistently as there is a limited number of them to complete in the game.

However, as mentioned above, they are worth taking the time to do – especially if you go into them with Emblem Leif’s Quadruple Hit and Unit Anna’s Make a Killing, as this will allow you to earn even more gold along the way and potentially stack up some benefits and rewards.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get money (gold) in Fire Emblem Engage.

Which techniques are you planning to use for farming gold in your own playthrough, and which techniques have you had the most success with?

Feel free to let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our content here at Gamer Empire for plenty more Fire Emblem Engage guides to help you on your adventure through Elyos with Alear and friends.

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