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In Fire Emblem Engage, there is a mechanic known as wake-up events. While they will likely occur frequently during your playthrough, there’s not a lot of clarity on what wake-up events are and what it means when one is triggered.

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Wake-up events are short cinematic cutscenes that may feature any of your units. Wake-up events will showcase a unit that has been sent to wake Alear up from their rest.

They serve no bonus perks or purpose but provide some bonus information to learn about your units throughout your journey.

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What Are Wake-Up Events in Fire Emblem Engage?

Wake-up events in Fire Emblem Engage occur on occasion when Alear chooses to rest in their room at Somiel.
Wake-up events will create a brief cinematic cutscene with one of your units, in which they are sent to wake Alear from their slumber.

During the cutscenes, a unit may reveal snippets of information about themselves and their past, which will give you a little more context to their background and character as a player.

Wake-up events are triggered on random chance, with any of the units you’ve recruited having the opportunity to be selected. Each unit has a variety of different wake-up events that you can discover and rewatch through the reminiscence option in the bed menu.

To attempt to trigger a wake-up event, you will need to head over to your room once you’re in Somniel.

FE Engage - what are wake up events?

From here, approach your bed and interact to bring up the bed menu. From here, you will see the Rest option, so go ahead and select that to bring up the rest prompt.

FE Engage - what are wake up events?

After confirming the rest prompt, Alear will fall into a slumber, and some time will pass, changing the time of day at Somniel.

Usually, Alear will automatically wake at the end of this slumber and continue their day as per usual. However, if a Wake-up event is triggered, you’ll get to experience one of many unique cut scenes involving one of your units before Alear is able to continue with their day.

Do You Get Anything From Wake-Up Events in Fire Emblem Engage?

In Fire Emblem Engage, wake-up events do not grant any bonus perks, experience, bond, items, or stat boosts. To be precise, wake-up events do not offer any bonus to Alear, your units, or Fire Emblem Engage gameplay at all.

However, wake-up events do grant snippets of information regarding your units in brief (and often hilarious) dialogue featured in the cutscenes wake-up events grant.

This information can grant you more context regarding a unit and their personality, backstory, and history, so they’re the perfect fun little fan service-like addition to try and seek out for your favorite units.

You can trigger and collect multiple wake-up events throughout your journey as Alear, with six available event cutscenes that exist for each unit, plus an additional two cutscenes that can be unlocked and triggered for each unit once they reach the S-level Support Bond.

FE Engage - what are wake up events?

For example, Fire Emblem Engage’s resident ’emo boy,’ Alcryst, is very memorable for his pessimistic persona and low self-esteem.

These traits make an appearance in his wake-up events, with humorous dialogue involving being ‘the Brodian prince that isn’t Diamant’ and ‘looking pathetic when he sleeps’ in comparison to Alear.

FE Engage - what are wake up events?

Another interesting mechanic involving wake-up events is that you can push the proceed button to wake up before the unit finishes their monologue.

Depending on which point you awaken, the dialogue from the unit appears to be altered slightly when they greet you.

For example, in the scene referenced in the image above, Alear was woken up before Alcryst was able to finish the words he was speaking. In return, he graciously thanks Alear for saving him the chance of failing to complete the task of waking them himself.

That’s everything you need to know about what wake-up events are and what they do in Fire Emblem Engage.

Which wake-up events have you discovered, and which units are you most looking forward to seeing when Alear wakes from their slumbers? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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